"If I played this postion, I would commit to..."

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"If I played this postion, I would commit to..."

Give me your opinions on which program is better suited in order to tighten one's tools on both ends on the floor granted their basketball position. (i.e., If I were a SG, I would commit to ____ because _____). You don't have to commit to one school for both offense and defense.

Point Guard

Offense (Perimeter, Passing, etc.):

Defense (Perimeter):

Shooting Guard

O (Perimeter, Off-Ball):

D (Perimeter):

Small Forward

O (Permiter;Post):

D (Perimeter;Post):

Power Forward

O (Post, Screen):

D (Post):


O (Post):

D (Post):

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I think its fair to say which

I think its fair to say which ever school Calipari is in for point guards

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Florida has had some good

Florida has had some good bigs come out of there. Haslem, Lee, Noah, Horford.

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Is Cal a good coach

or has he just been lucky (or generous :-] ) with his PG recruits? I think the second (third) one is more applicable.

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For PG, Kentucky for an

For PG, Kentucky for an offensive player, and defense i would pick UCLA

For SG, Ohio St, Xavier, Memphis, Pitts, Cal, Washington, and Texas are all good choices.

For SF, I would probably pick among MSU, Duke, and Syracuse.

For PF, I would probably pick either Kansas or Arizona (Florida has gone more guard oriented the past few years)

For Center, I would pick UConn or Georgetown

Regardless of position, I think i would also consider suiting up for Rick Pitino at Louisville.

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You have to put Duke as a

You have to put Duke as a good place for shooting guards. Hell Coach K made JJ Redick into serviceable NBA player.

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PG-UCLA, The reason I wouldnt

PG-UCLA, The reason I wouldnt pick kentucky it has become an allstar team in college you will be playing alongside top recruits its a draft stock team of big egos that hasnt won a tourney with cal yet. I love to watch them play but it isnt an atmosphere I would want to be apart of it.Let me assit average players and make the underdogs look better thats showing pg skill.

SG-Any college you will score but its a winning program that you will get a chance to showcase and win. I say Uconn for the tradition of all around SGs.

SF. Syracuse has a good offense for small forwards that can just shoot so if you have a good handel its even better for you plus the zone will rack you up steals and blocks then reglur man to man ,Kansas state will make your man to man defense top notch even your in bound defense will be top level. Defense wins championships and unlike offense its really hard to learn how to lock a man down in man to man or try. You will get a better concept of teamplay there hasnt been no one star in a long time except beasly .Last but not least you will play your heart out day and nite this is a gritty team.

PF Duke they make big men that dont make it to the na look good imagine what they a do with a top recruit.

C theres not many great centers coming out of college.I would take a differnt approach I would go to Army or Navy where I would have twice the physical work out as a normal school,More courage when fighting in the post. Basically build good characteristics to dominate and lead my team. I dont think colleges make centers anymore you are or you aren't blessesd with the talent but a good attitude and work a get you far think perkins,cardinal.If your a top recruit its even better. I was watching something the other day where I found out Mike Kryzewski coached at the military academy its not a bad choice.

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Good topic also.

Good topic also.

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3 schools.

If I play any position Im playing for a school i can step in and dominate and the offense is ran through me or I go play for coach Cal or coach Calhoun. Coach Cal will make sure that if your a top player you will be a high draft pick and he makes all his players more nba ready. If I chose coach Calhoun I know his track record of taking guys who are not high school all americans and making them college all americans and great nba guys. Even wen Calhoun does get high school all americans they produce in the pros. Also Calhoun has three national championships and might have another come next year.

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You would have to consider

You would have to consider Duke. You play for a genius coach who isn't going anywhere. If you aren't good enough to play pro ball after college, you have a great degree on your resume for the rest of your life. If you do go to the NBA, then at Duke you know you are getting that NCAA exposure that gets you drafted a few spots higher than you probably should have gone.

But I think you learn the entire team game and strategy at Duke and I'm not sure that any specific skills are dramatically improved as compared to at other programs except possibly for how to hustle and play D.

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For PF/C, I wouldn't commit

For PF/C, I wouldn't commit to Duke.

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