If High Schoolers could enter this draft?

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If High Schoolers could enter this draft?

How many would go ahead of any of the college players?

Wiggins and Parker would be locks to be taken ahead of anyone in college. Are there any others? Maybe Randle or Andrew Harrison? I'd probably take Noel (definitely if he wasn't injured) ahead of Randle and Harrison, but I can't think of anyone else. Just goes to show how weak this year's draft is at the top and how strong next year is gonna be.

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Randle maybe, Andrew Harrison

Randle maybe, Andrew Harrison maybe and the Croatian kid Mario Hezonja might go above them aswell

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I'd take Randle and Harrison

I'd take Randle and Harrison as well as the other 2. I might even take Randle over Parker. I just think hes gonna be michael beasley without the headcase part.

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Wiggins and Parker would for

Wiggins and Parker would for sure. Depending on how tall he measured Randle as well. i think Harrison could legitimately be #1 as well. Depends a lot on the workouts as well. Hezonja would be a top 5 pick that kid is nasty hes a bit of a headcase though.

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