If high school kids were still eligible for the draft

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If high school kids were still eligible for the draft

If the rule was never made and high school players were still eligible for the draft. Who would've been some guys in past years that had so much hype during high school and would've been lottery picks but ended up having their draft stock fall drastically during college. I know Shabazz Muhammad would've been a top 5 pick coming out of high school, who else?

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Well that reason right there

Well that reason right there is why I actually am not against them getting rid of that rule. James Michael McAdoo would have definitely been a Top 10 pick in 2011 and just went undrafted earlier this year.

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I once ran into a scout in

I once ran into a scout in 2010 that said he would take JMM number 1 in 2012. The rule probably saved his job.

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Josh Selby

Josh Selby was ranked #1 by ESPN in 2010 and went to Kansas with a lot of hype (in an otherwise weak class). I think he would have been drafted #2 out of High School, with Harrison Barnes going #1.

He had all kinds of controversies during his lone season at Kansas that resulted in suspensions, while the rest of his team performed better when he was out. He only averaged 8ppg as a freshman and was a distraction for the team. He was drafted 49th overall but never made it past the D-League.

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Selby was rated #1 by Rivals

Selby was rated #1 by Rivals by Jerry Meyer who now leads 247sports. Harrison Barnes was #1 by ESPN.

I think Selby would have been top 10 or late lottery but probably not top 5. I remember Ford had Selby in the bottom of his lottery in their initial 2011 draft rankings and Draftexpress had him top 10. This site actually had him projected in the 2nd round in their initial rankings. They bumped him up to mid-1st after he started strong at KU but they like everyone else dropped him as his season fell apart.

Looking at the different classes going back to 2009

2009- Xavier Henry probably would have gone top 5 behind Wall, Cousins, and Favors.

2010- Sullinger probably would have been late lottery out of high school. After his freshman season though he would have probably been top 5.

2010- Perry Jones would have gone top 5 out of high school. Still top 10 after freshman season.

2011- McAdoo probably would have been in the 5-10 range out of high school but after his freshman season he probably would have gone top 5.

2011- Andre Drummond would have gone #1 out of high school in front of Anthony Davis. At the time the draft would have been Drummond was considered the slightly better NBA prospect. Rankings weren't wrong though considering they are probably the 2 best players from that class along with Bradley Beal.

2012- Muhammad obviously would have gone top 3, maybe #1.

2012- I'd say Isaiah Austin but they would have learned his physical defficiencies after physicals.

2012- Possibly Steven Adams. Scouts loved his potential and a big reason he went as high as he did even after a disappointing freshman season wtih Pittsburgh.

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Wiggins is the obvious one,

Wiggins is the obvious one, he would've gone 1st in 2013 without a year in college.

Considering Mudiay is going overseas instead of playing in college, it's probable he would've gone into this year's draft he was able to do so.

Michael Beasley probably would've made the jump, and I'd be willing to guess many of the other high profile "one and done" prospects would have done so as well.

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LeBryan Nash, Quincy Miller,

LeBryan Nash, Quincy Miller, Adonis Thomas, Marquis Teague, CJ Leslie, Perry Jones, and Alex Poythress. The Harrison's can play themselves into the lottery this year but their stock probably won't be as high as it was in high school.

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Greg Oden would have been

Greg Oden would have been number one had he been eligible out of high school. Scouts and fans drooled over the potential.

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chocolate blunder better

chocolate blunder better known as renaldo sidney was considered a lotto pick coming out of high school...i bet alot of gms r thankful for that rule...that dude really wasted his talent...

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What about Renardo Sidney?

What about Renardo Sidney? Him, Lance Stephenson, Xavier Henry, John Wall, Boogie Cousins and a couple other guys from that 09 class definitely would've made the jump.

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Willie Warren, Ricky Ledo,

Willie Warren, Ricky Ledo, Austin Rivers, Josiah Turner, Fab Melo all could've possibly been top 10 picks if high schoolers were allowed to enter the draft still. That's scary.

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I can envision a front office

I can envision a front office falling in love with Austin Rivers during private workouts and interviews. He honestly could've been a top 3 pick.

His game won't be exposed in a private workout, its actually abit tailor made for it. Add the fact his father is Doc Rivers, teams would've overvalued " NBA pedigree"

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