If clevaland had the opportunity too pick zeller to play with his brother

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If clevaland had the opportunity too pick zeller to play with his brother

would they not do it? both zeller brothers together will be onstopable

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Lol they would be far from

Lol they would be far from unstoppable, look at Ben and Tyler Hansbrough. I think it all depends on where they pick and who's left on the board. If Bazz or BMac are there, then it's a no brainier to take one of them.

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Seeing the Cavs play, their most pressing need is at the SF position as Alonzo Gee and Omri Casspi don't exactly inspire confidence :/

Have you seen Luke Zeller play for the Suns? He's not good, but it's would still be cool to have all 3 play in one game.'

But yeah, I'd take Shabazz first if he was still on the board. They need an upgrade there more.

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The team has been crying out

The team has been crying out for a starting calibre small forward since LeBron left, I still think Harrison Barnes would've been the right pick over Waiters. Barnes is a guy that has a good character and skill level and he'd be the perfect sidekick to Irving but the Cavaliers went in a different direction and picked up Waiters who has shown he could be a great scorer someday.

It seems like the Cavaliers have been reluctant to fill that position with a top draft pick, maybe they want LeBron's shadow to fade a bit more before they make the decision. If the Cavaliers are in a position to grab Shabazz, they have to take him, as he would represent the final phase in their rebuilding process, if he's unavailable, take Porter. The small forward position must be the priority in thhe upcoming draft.

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Tristan Thompson has been

Tristan Thompson has been pretty solid. A T.Zeller/Thompson frontcourt seems to have a bright future, I don't think throwing another 7 footer to the mix would be the best option. A SF like Otto Porter or Bazz and McLemore seem to fit the team better.

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Otto Potter would be perfect

Otto Potter would be perfect in Cleveland. He would keep the ball moving, Kyrie won't have to do all the playmaking. They also need an intangible guy, especially with Waiters in their lineup who has no interest in doing the 'little things'.

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Its obviouse they need a SF

Its not that the Cav are opposed to taking Zeller, but like everyone else stated, they have much more pressing needs. They will look to take Shabazz if they won a high pick, but more than likely will be in position to take Porter. I don't see them taking BMac. They just drafted Waiters, and they will not give up on him in a year. As for size, they brought in Speights, so next year they'll have THompson and Zeller, as well as a healthy Verajo and Speights. So again no need to draft Zeller. Some how, some way, they will come out with a sf. If they get a mid lotto pick, theyll take Porter. If they have a high pick, I see them either taking Bazz if avaiable or dealing the pick for a veteran. They are holding onto the possibility of a LeBron reunion, so if they do trade, the contract matters. I can see them dealing the pick for Wilson Chandler, who has a cap friendly deal, or to Memphis for Gay, who's contract ends in time for them to make a run at James. Both Denver and Memphis will jump at such deals if it meant drafting BMAC.

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Thompson's been really

Thompson's been really productive lately, and if Varejao comes back healthy and Zeller develops, they'll one of the more solid front courts in the League. No need for Lil' Zeller.

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I believe you mean the BIG

I believe you mean the BIG HANDSOME lol

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SF is a big need but this

SF is a big need but this year's draft is perhaps more big man loaded so a young big or an SF would be a solid choice by Chris Grant. But having got Speights in the trade today and if Varejao comes back then they have a legit 4 man big roster.

Bazz would be a great fit and would give them genuine scoring at 1 to 3, Thompson is looking a solid double double guy at PF so they would be nicely set then.

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If LockdownD had the

If LockdownD had the opportunity to continue school past second grade...would his posts be comprehensible? We may never know...

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