IF certain players in this draft pan out this can be a really good draft

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IF certain players in this draft pan out this can be a really good draft

DeRozan,Rubio,Jennings,Griffin,Flynn,and Hill all have tremendous potential,and if they reach that potential this can be considered one of the better drafts.AGREED?

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If all five are all-stars

If three are all-stars within 3 to 4 years, then it would be one of the better drafts... surprisingly better.

Plus there would also also have to be some solid gems from the later first round and probably one or two nice backups from the 2nd round.

When all is said and done, 5 guys just can't make an entire draft. I expect other guys to be stars that we all overlooked.

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for real? if the players in

for real? if the players in the draft do well, it will be seen as a good draft class? lol

but yea, I think there are a couple guys who'll do alright. I think Jennings has the highest ceiling

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one thing that makes

one thing that makes drafts great is not only the lottery picks that pan out, its those picks that no one cares about that become way better that expected. big z (20th overall in 1996), david west (18 overall in 2003) and josh howard (29th overall in 2003) are examples.

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