ideas on new young black man hairstyles for 2012?

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ideas on new young black man hairstyles for 2012?

any one has some good ideas one some different black man hairstyles for 2012. I want to try some thing new for 2012. im tired of waves

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Try a Flat top, that seems to

Try a Flat top, that seems to be the fashion now days, or just go with a simple buzz.

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Just let your soooouuuuulllllllll glow baby
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A mullet?

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“I loved it there,” Scola

“I loved it there,” Scola told HOOPSWORLD. “Five great years. I thought it was going to end in a different way, but now I’m happy here, it’s a good place. Everything is in place for me to succeed and have a good year. I’m trying to build what I had in Houston in Phoenix so hopefully I can achieve all those things in Phoenix too, and have a good career here and maybe retire here. I don’t know, it’s too soon but that’s what I’m trying to do.”

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One of the most unnoticed

One of the most unnoticed short Hairstyles for black men is going completely bald. Shaving your head is cutting your hair so therefore, it is a haircut! The only limit to going totally hairless is to make sure you have a good-shaped head.

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