Ideal Landing Spots for Top '14 Draft Prospects

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Ideal Landing Spots for Top '14 Draft Prospects

Andrew Wiggins to the Philadelphia Sixers
Jabari Parker to the Utah Jazz
Marcus Smart to the Orlando Magic
Julius Randle to the Milwaukee Bucks

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Andrew Wiggins to the Toronto

Andrew Wiggins to the Toronto Raptors
Jabari Parker to the L.A. Lakers
Marcus Smart to the Philadelphia Seventy Sixers
Julius Randle to the Phoenix Suns

benjo34 (not verified)
It would be nice but,Parker

It would be nice but,Parker to Lakers looks like a Sci Fi movie scenario

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I can understand...

...the appeal of him going to the Canadian team but it's not a good fit; they're already pretty loaded with athletic wing scorers. I realise he would presumably bean upgrade (potential) on Gay and Derozan but it creates the headache of probably having to move Gay's hilarious contract.

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As a late lotto pick Toronto

As a late lotto pick Toronto take Mitch McGary. A frontline of Gay, McGary and Valanciunas would serve them well....

With Gay, Derozen and Lowry taking most of the scoring, Mitch wouldn't be needed to score alot. Just come in, play hard and rebound is all the Raps would need from him (which is exactly what he does)

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This is where I want them to

This is where I want them to go, I don't think any of them will happen since the Spurs and Bulls are both playoff teams
Wiggins to the Toronto Raptors
Jabari to the Chicago Bulls
Randle to the San Antonio Spurs

i'm jus so offended
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Wiggins to Toronto (Silver

Wiggins to Toronto (Silver starts his tenure out with some rigging bang)
Parker to Charlotte
Smart to Orlando
Randle to Philly

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Wiggins- milwaukee Smart-

Wiggins- milwaukee
Smart- kings
Randle- Phoenix
Parker- Philadelphia
Young- charlotte

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Parker to Utah would be so perfect both by having a mormon athlete to cheer for and a line up of burke hayward parker favors kanter with burks as a 6th man could compete.

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Why do ppl keep saying Toronto ? Yes I know he is Canadian but the Raptors will get close to making a playoff birth, there is no way they are going to land such a high pick...

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You never know...

Chicago was I believe the 9th or 10th best odds when they landed D Rose (Chicago kid). NBA may or may not be rigged but there seem to be a lot of questionable lotteries in the past.

Like Drose to Chicago, Lebron to Cleveland, Kyrie to Cleveland (right after Lebron left) and Anthony Davis to New Orleans right after being sold by the NBA. It may be a coincidence but its a lot of coincidences to not be fixed.

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I've completely given up on

I've completely given up on the idea of Wiggins beginning his career in Toronto. It seems Ujuri wants nothing to do with tanking, and at worst the Raptors are a 10th seed which may not be bad enough for the #1 seed before congress starts taking a look at the NBA lottery system.

And hey, may be the best for Wiggins not to begin his career in his home town as it would be way to much pressure to put an entire country on his back at such a young age. See you in 7 years, Andrew.

But for now,

Andrew Wiggins - Orlando. Already a fellow Canadian there in Nicholson.
Parker - Phoenix
Randle - Philadephia
Smart - Milwaukee

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James Young to Charlotte

James Young to Charlotte Hornets

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Randle to Milwaukee doesn't

Randle to Milwaukee doesn't make much sense... The Bucks already have Henson and Ilyasova at PF along with Sanders and Udoh who can play there also... The biggest need is a wing player or PG depending how Brandon Knight plays...

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drinking the Kool-aid

I want Ender in Utah!

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Wiggins- 76er Parker-

Wiggins- 76er
Parker- Sun
Randle- Magic
Smart- Bobcat
Young- Buck <--- Lol
Christon- Celtic

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Wiggins - Philly or

Wiggins - Philly or Sacramento
Parker - Utah
Smart - Orlando
Randle - PHX

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I've given it a go...

I've looked at the teams that I think will be lottery and done my best to match them to the 2014 draft class. I've not necessarily linked the worst teams to the best players, or ordered the players (after the top 3) in any particular order. They make sense to me - hopefully they'll make sense to you too.

Andrew Wiggins - HORNETS. With Jefferson and Zeller scoring from the post and a promising scoring point in Walker, Charlotte still need to address their scoring from the wing spots. Wiggins gives them a unique scoring talent at the small - forward slot. MKG will slide over to SG, though his shooting is still a wreck, he can lock up the best offensive wing, allowing Wiggins to concentrate on offence.

Jabari Parker - SUNS - The team in general is a mess and needs a top tier talent to galvanise the franchise. Len/Gortat at Centre is strong and presumably Bledsoe is the future at Point Guard, but the other three spots need a major upgrade. Behind Wiggins, Parker is the premier talent in this draft and his ability at both forward spots will allow some breathing space at the forward spot and give them more flexibility when they inevitably trade Gortat at the Trade Deadline.

Julius Randle - RAPTORS - Toronto are actually stronger than many people give them credit for and were they lucky enough to get Randle, they would start to make some serious noise. Assuming Gay and DeRozan can co-exist at the wing, with Valuncianas looking to become one of the premier big-men and Lowry a steady presence at the point, Randle could come in and bring an extra level of physicality to a team shaking off its' old image as a soft team (Bargnani, Calderon etc)

Semaj Christon - MAGIC - After waiting a year for Smart, he would have been the easy choice here, but with Afflalo still in the fold and Oladipo looking like he can play limited minutes at PG, it makes sense for Orlando to go for a pure point and Christon looks like the best pure point, in what is actually a fairly weak PG crop. If he can get near the John Wall comparisons, then Orlando are onto a winner.

Marcus Smart - NUGGETS - With the loss of Igoudala, Denver have a major hole at SG. I realise that Smart has gone back to college to develop his PG skills, but I believe that he will develop into an early-Wade style player, with the ability to play both guard spots. Whilst short for a shooting guard, he has good defensive attributes. Developing a better shooting stroke will help his transition, but with Gallinari in the line-up this is less of an issue than at other clubs.

James Young - 76ERs - Turner isn't the answer at SG. Assuming he can transition to SF and that Thaddeus Young is the answer at PF, Young will come in at SG and provide the outside shooting they desperately lack. With MCW at point the need for an outside shooter is critical and Young appears to be one of the better shooters in this year's draft.

Glenn Robinson III - HAWKS - Having just got rid of a do-everything Power Forward who kidded himself he was a SF, they bring in an actual do-everything SF. Whilst the SG tandem of Stevenson & Lou Williams needs work, GRIII offers them the biggest upgrade.

Gary Harris - JAZZ - Assuming Burke pans out, Burks becomes the weakest link. Harris will be an instant upgrade.

Kaleb Tarczeksi - CELTICS - Whilst Olynyk & Sully will both play some C this season, both are better suited to the 4. Adding a 7 feet, 260 pound centre with developing skills will allow the other bigs the chance to develop properly. It will also allow them a very different presence in centre to current prospect Fab Melo.

Willie Cauley-Stein - MAVERICKS - Cuban must be regrettin letting Chandler go. WCS looks to be the best prospect at the hardest position to fill.

Andrew Harrison - LAKERS - This may seem to be an odd choice, but hear me out. The Lakers being the Lakers will inevitably pick up a superstar free agent next summer. The one position they won't is at SG, for obvious reasons. Harrison may be a bust, but he has a high ceiling and could develop into a Westbrook style player. However, few franchises will hand him the keys. At the Lakers he will have a season as a sparkplug 6th man, spelling Kobe and Nash, before taking over once one/both of them inevitably retires. If Lakers end up in the late lottery, Harrison would be worth swinging for the fences with.

Jerami Grant - KINGS - With the keys to the franchise handed to Cousins, the Kings continue to surround him with high-character guys in the hope that it rubs off. Hopefully the backcourt is set and adding a defensive stopper in the front-court will be a good match for DMC.

James McAdoo - BUCKS - Like the Kings, Milwauke could do with adding a forward. With Henson playing PF, adding a scoring Combo Fwd to add depth makes sense.

It's amazing to think that Hezonja, Saric, Selden, Gordon & McGary haven't been included is just scary. I'd imagine that Hezonja and Gordon move up into the lottery by the season's end, but I've gone mainly from NBADraft's current list. Of those left, Hezonja at Clippers, Gordon at Knicks, McGary at Pelicans & Saric at Houston would be pretty sweet.

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Hezonja to Hornets. Why?

Hezonja to Hornets. Why? Because Jordan alredy asked him to take photo with him :)

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