****idea**** nbadraft.net ventrilo

to all nbadraft.net members/staff

this idea came to me after i saw the other guy's thread about having a nba2k11 tourney.

i still play a lot of counter-strike and i'm an admin on a CS gaming community that has a ventrilo server.

ventrilo is a program for computers to connect to a server and lets you talk to whoever is on it.

what i'm proposing / suggesting is that i set up a nbadraft.net channel within our (the gaming community's) vent server.


-i can make a nbadraft channel/room for all of us to go to

-we can make it private for registered ventrilo users or keep it open to anyone

-i can make nbadraft staff admins of the channel if they need to kick any trolls

-actually talk to nbadraft members if you have a mic

-play nba2k and talk to your opponent


-give me the ok and i'll talk to the guys about hooking nbadraft with a channel

-just download the program and i'll provide the server information

what do you guise think??

p.s. its free to use (both the program and talking) you just need the program, a server (which i'll hook up) and a mic

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oh i can also password

oh i can also password protect our nbadraft channel so that only people we give the pass to can get in..

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' Let's just hope that this


Let's just hope that this doesn't happen to you guys.

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