id trade the 4th pick for a package

the kings need solid rotation players something they dont have. they lack any type of depth. championship teams alot of times dont take a lebron they take solid rotations. i believe through proper managment that you can have player 1-10 able to score in double figures and offer something besides scoring. i also believe the draft isnt a sure fire way to fix your team. would anyone be willing to take the 4th pick for one of these packages.
koufas- brewer- miles and well throw in beno for cap purposes

landry, lowry and brooks - beno again for salary purposes

anthony morrow kellena azubuike and marco belllini who was drafted 18th for the kings 4th pick and beno

Kenny Thomas and the 4th for Jason maxiel,amir Johnson and Rodney stuckney
i think johnson and maxiel need playing time

javale mcgheee, javaris critterton and andray blatche whos got all star potential or the potential to be a stinky criminal , webber was no saint when the kings recieved him

any thoughts please

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Those last two groups no

Those last two groups no team will do in this draft. You do not give up two big men like that unless you are getting Blake back.

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that last group contains two borderline busts

according to a website i think is called secret wizards i might mess the name up. and the other group contains players that have potential really havent shown it for any extended amount of time. blatches defense is highly suspect i have heard as well and before anyone asks when the last time a championship was won by a team with no superstars, can anyone please tell me the last time anyone tried it?

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I would rather keep the 4th

I would rather keep the 4th pick. Depth is important but even more important is a top notch starting lineup.

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They have huge holes in

They have huge holes in their starting lineup, they shouldn't be worrying about their bench until those are filled.

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the only one i would

the only one i would consider is the pistons one

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If the 4's going anywhere

If the 4's going anywhere it's too Memphis

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4th pick

I really doubt the Kings move up or back - they're very likely staying right where they are, just like they always do. As for moving the pick for a player(s), again I doubt it will happen since Petrie's strength is player evaluation & I just get the feeling that with the youth movement that they've got going on, that they've committed themselves to trying to build primarily through the draft (at least for now).

As for me, I'd love to see the Kings move the pick for a mid-to-late 1st rounder this year & a first rounder next year (even if it was lottery protected). This draft is so flat that with three picks in the mid-late first / early second we could bring in 2 guys that might develop into solid role-players (which is about all this draft is likely good for with a few possible exceptions) & a euro player that can develop on someone else's dime. Then next year they have their own high pick & the extra first rounder in a much, much better draft - that's where we (hopefully) get our star & add another big piece (excluding free agents obviously) that ultimately gets the team back on the right track.

You need both the star (or stars if you're really fortunate) & the support players because if you don't have both, a team that can shut down your star (ala Lebron this postseason) can beat you if you don't have the other players that can take advantage (ala the Lakers this postseason). I think the key is realizing when & where to try to get both. But if you think we're getting a star (or even a guaranteed starter) at number 4 in this draft, you're likely kidding yourself.

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I would

I would take any of those trades if I were the Kings, ecspecially since they would love to dump Udrih's contract and this draft is not very strong.

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