Ibaka on the trading block

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Ibaka on the trading block

Sean Deveney is reporting Orlando is looking to move Ibaka because they do not think he will resign this summer. First, this makes the trade this summer look like a disaster. Oladipo has had a good season in OKC and Sabonis has shown some promise. Second, because Ibaka is a rental, his market will be limited. Unless you have hopes of a deep playoff run, why would you give up major assets for a few months of Ibaka? While I could see a few teams interested, I doubt any are willing to give up than a pick in the 20's. Boston seems like a possible destination. They need rebounding and defense, plus I think he would fit in Stevens's system. Toronto is the only other real fit I see. I have been saying they should be in win now mode and Ibaka fills a whole at 4. Also, getting him now may give them a better chance of signing him this offseason.

So what teams do you see interested in trading for Ibaka and what can Orlando reasonably hope to get in return.

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What about Okafor, Stauskas,

What about Okafor, Stauskas, a 2017 second round pick, and contracts?

Okafor is not a defender, but he can score inside and grab some boards... Stauskas can hit 3's...

If I am Philly, I am thinking that we are rolling right now, and Ben Simmons will be on board soon..

Why not make a run?

As a hedge against Ibaka leaving why not ask for an Orlando 2nd rounder this year plus cash and a future 2nd rounder.

if I am Philly I am thinking, hey we have the big man Embiid, he can do it all, Saric knows how to play the game, why not add Serge Ibaka? You know he will give you some points and dunks and blocks but he also gives you the 3 ball ok? Now, Nerlens Noel is now your THIRD STRING center, ok? Robert Covington is tearing it up on the wing, and TJ McConnell is a point guard's point guard. Throw all that into the mix with a Ben Simmons and look out Eastern Conference!

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The Sixers already have Ersan

The Sixers already have Ersan Ilyasova playing next to Embiid and Ibaka would just add to the logjam of big man. Sure Ibaka would fit better than Okafor on this Sixers roster but he still wouldn't be a good fit. He would be a defensive upgrade over Ersan but he isn't as good of a shooter and Ilyasova has had his best year as a pro.

Both players on are the last year of their contracts as well so this summer both players will have to get paid. Ersan won't command near that of Serge although their production is similar. If you really want to upgrade the 4 spot why not just wait until Serge hits free agency and trade Jah for a draft pick to add some shooting around Simmons and Embiid.

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Be honest; Do you actually

Be honest Memphis; Do you actually watch the Sixers?

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would be perfectttttttttttttt!!!

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Im not sure if Ibaka is the

Im not sure if Ibaka is the right player for Toronto. He seems to be a fake defensive presence nowadays similar to Carroll. Not really willing to grind it out and bang like he used to and more concerned with his finesse play. It would be a huge risk although the reward if he played like the old Ibaka could be that glue piece the Raptors need as a legit stretch PF and help defence shot blocker.

Orlando wont want Poeltl. Powell is unrestricted. Wright is way to similar to Payton who they are having enough trouble developing. You have the Clippers and Raptors 1st round picks but Toronto will likely be holding on to those if not both at least one so they can acquire a role player and keep him as an RFA when his contract is up.

It just doesnt fit unless theyy are willing to let him go for some combination of a 1st round pick Powell, Sullinger, Wright, Patterson, Caboclo

With that being said it looks like Serge will eventually bolt. He hasn't provided this team what they were looking for. Unestablished teams can't go out and buy a culture. You don't go trading for a starish player when your team has no identity. Gotta build from the ground up.

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Great points

That's where Orlando has failed the most this year. They believed they were ready to make a leap into the playoffs, but the truth is that their players are too much a combination of inexperience & just not enough talent. Serge has been exposed on defense this year, plain and simple. He refuses to body up his man 75% of the game to either alter shots or crash the defensive boards, and he's just not the same deterrent at the rim he used to be. Coach Vogel kept saying Ibaka's ability to switch onto the perimeter (over & over & over) this offseason was where he provided the most value, but that part of his game has been middling at best.

I actually like Ibaka a fair amount on Toronto. He could play off of Demar & Lowry nicely, and his presence (although mediocre defensively today) would provide more versatility to their starting frontcourt than their recent Nogueira/Valanciunas pairing. But Powell and one of their late 1st's won't (and shouldn't) be enought to get a deal done. A third team would need to be involved.

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having a gm on the hot seat

having a gm on the hot seat is a scary thing to me because they tend to take such huge risks that are questionable to try to save their job. to me even trading for ibaka was one of these moves and it looks like they lost on it. not sure they will get anywhere near as much back as they gave to get him. could the suns be a trading partner?

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To be fair I don't know what they are doing fully in orlando but

To be fair the Roster is a bit of a shambles(no offense magic fans).

But personally I would do the following:

Keep Ibaka-At a reasonable price.

Keep Evan F.

Keep Bismack-for off the bench(I also doubt people would trade for his contract).

Decide if you are keeping Gordon and playing him at his best position or trading him for the b.a assets by the end of the season or at the draft time. As its not fair to the Magic or Gordon

Use Herzonja or Trade him for a reasonable asset as he falls into the same Category as Gordon.

Move Nik V-For the best assets you can get,as he has proven he really doesn't fit their roster.

Move Elfrid to the Bench until he fully gets it or develops his shot to a sufficient standard(if you are going to keep him). As he would be a nice guard to have off the bench but has proven he isn't really are fulltime starter.

And trade away the rest as basically a Salary dump and have a semi fresh start with a new GM next season(around the draft time). Then get the players that will suit your coaches system(if you believe in Vogel) and use your Draft pick on one of the following: Ball,Futlz,Tatum or Frank N(French PG)

So the Magic looks like this intially before F.A moves:


Pf)Maybe Aaron Gordon..

Sf) Draft pick if you don't get a top 3 and end up with top 4-8

SG) Fournier

PG)Draft pick if you get a top 3 pick-My guess where ball,Futlz and French Pg may go..

Bench: Bismack(C/PF),Payton(pg) and Maybe Herzonja(sg)

In Free agency you would go after any of

the following players:

Jrue Holiday-If you miss out on Rookie Pg

Danilo G you could play him Pf or Sf if you take a rookie guard.

Paul Millsap(if you feel comfortable paying him as he ages)

Blake G if you think he is going to stay healthy enough and don't mind over paying over 4 years...Most likely he stays with LAC but a call never hurts.

Gordan Hayward-He may take a meeting at least if you can sell him on a deep team/vision of depth to contend.. Probably stays in Utah or maybe takes a meeting with Boston at least..

Mo Speights good player for the bench and could maybe be had for cheap price

P.J tucker for the bench he seems like a vogel kind of guy.

IF you come away with one big name and a couple of average name, have some cap to maybe get the last pieces in 2018 offseason Orlando may turn the corner faster than expected though..But all depends if they can move the contracts fast without losing key pieces..

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Orlando gave up Ersan,

Orlando gave up Ersan, Oladipo and the pick for Sabonis for Ibaka. If Ibaka moves on then this seems to be a very poor trade by them and to compound it they signed Biyombo who is a similar skillset to Ibaka.

Ibaka is having a fair season for Orlando averaging his 2nd best ppg in a season and shooting a career high 3 point percentage. But when you factor in that he isn't in the same team as KD or Westbrook anymore, he could be expected to get more shots.

Given he will be a FA this summer and likely looking for something over $20 million a year then a team will be reluctant to give up a lot for him. A contender would take a rental if salaries could match but that is a late first rounder or trade exception at best.

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Ibaka locations

I think a lot of teams will be looking to add Ibaka now that he is available. However it is hard to gauge his value as he is on the last year of his deal. Here's some teams and possible players that could be traded for him in my mind:

Boston (Johnson or Zeller, and Smart)
Milwaukee (Henson or Teletovic and Brogdon)
Houston (Brewer and a young player (Beverly/McDaniels/Dekker)
Memphis (Wright, Carter and a young player (like Davis)
Minnesota (Aldrich, Muhammad and Jones) or possible Rubio for Ibaka and Hezonja?
Portland (Turner or Crabbe)

My personal favorite is to Boston though. Should be a good fit next to Horford as Ibaka has some of the same attributes as Millsap (stretch 4 who rebounds).

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I'm not a huge fan of Ibaka

I'm not a huge fan of Ibaka and not sure if he would be able to play in Stevens' system predicated on good ball movement and bigs making decisions with the ball on the perimeter, evidenced by his 5.9 AST% ( a career high) which would rank him dead last on the Celtics behind even James Young.

That said, his defensive rebound % would immediately become the second best rank on the Celtics roster.

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T-Wolves could be an option

T-Wolves could be an option as Thibs would love Ibaka's defensive ability, might he be considered a possible upgrade over Dieng longer term. If Dieng went the other way then Magic get a guy locked in for next 4 years so avoid Ibaka walking away.

Trade would need other players involved to make salaries balance and I don't see Magic taking Pekovic unless they could push salary back in the trade.

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It depends on the return

It depends on the return though. If Minnesota was to give up their pick, the Magic should be willing to take Pekovic's contract.

It depends on what Thibs want to do with the wolves but if anybody was ready to give a likely lottery pick in this draft in a nonblockbuster deal it's them. They have arguably their big 3 of the future and what they need are veterans and matching pieces rather than another "maybe better" draft pick like Dunn (not to mention the Dunn investment might go to waste if they draft another guard this year.).

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