Ibaka or Griffin???

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Ibaka or Griffin???

This thought has just been rolling around in my head, so I thought I'd post and see what you think.

If you had the chance of picking between Ibaka or Griffin for your PF. Aren't there a LOT of solid reasons to pick Ibaka? First, on OKC it isn't even debatable in my mind. You have the best scorer in the game and maybe the best scoring PG as well. You have in Ibaka the best helping defensive PF in the league with a great man-on post defender next to him. Griffin's only superior skill that I see is scoring, wich I believe is VERY overrated and in many cases not terribly necessary beyond what Ibaka can already do (hit the open J and finish at the rim on dump-offs.)

Even if you look at the Clips. Even with the Clips, defense would have a marked improvement and I believe that Ibaka would put more w's in the standings.

Last thought, doesn't OKC give a bit of a feel of the Jordon Chicago teams?

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