Ian Miller can do it

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Ian Miller can do it

If there is any player that can leap frog infront of people on the draft board I think it can be Ian Miller. The reason I say this is because his name has been on the tip of NBA scouts toungue for the longest.Scouts just seemed to always loved what he had to bring to the table. Injuries have kind of always gotten in his way. He seems to finally be healthy once and for all and is playing the way we knew he could and the way NBA personel knew he could.I'm not positive of him jumping into the first round but I wouldnt be totally shocked if he climbed into the backend of it.(25-30).It's a stretch but I wouldnt put my money against him. I believe if he continues to play at the level he is playing at he will surely be an early second rounder if not selected earlier though. On another note it's good to see Miller doing what we all knew he could do.

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