i wish tnt or some network would make a 24-7 sports channel like espn.

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i wish tnt or some network would make a 24-7 sports channel like espn.

i know you got fox sports and nbatv. but you have to order those channels. and i like watching the games on tnt plus the coverage.tnt have real analysis like charles, kenny, sometimes magic. even though hes always braggin about the lakers. but aleast they speak the truth and dont follow the leader. espn on the other hand. are always going for the favorites, celtics, lakers and cleveland. never did they give orlando , denver or houston respect. and they love kobe and lebron way too much, but anyway i feel like someone needs or a network make a sportschannel that can knock espn off this planet.

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I AGREE 100X over

if there was a turner sports network, i think it would give espn a run for its money, u know, cover a golfer not named tiger or phil, not have the kobe/lebron debate on a daily basis on 3 or different shows daily, not talk about tom brady every week even tho he was out for the year, and show more games than the standard 5 or 6 teams they always show for every sport. lakers, celtics, cavs, yanks, red sox, mets, phils, cubs(even tho almost every game is on wgn)....SWITCH IT UP!

they do a decent job of putting different teams on for MNF, but thats in the nfl hands

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I agree as well. They show the same highlights so many times about the main teams and I would wait forever to watch my Rockets highlights because I love hearing what they say about us no matter what it is. TNT would be a perfect all basketball website. I love Ernie. haha. Barkley speaks the truth, C-Web did a good job and Kenny is a straight up G. :) Well he's good though. I loved his Rockets Red Blazer though, bout time he remembered where his NBA roots are from for once.

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