I think John Wall has a shot to be a lot more Special than Rose

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I think John Wall has a shot to be a lot more Special than Rose

Let me just start off first by respectfully saying that this is just my point of view as a spectator. These are just opinions and there is no definitively right answer until we actual see them on the court a few years down the line. With that said while you never want to base judgments off college play and a few summer league games, but I truly believe that Wall will be better than Rose although I'm definitely the minority with that opinion. Wall ended up leading summer league in points and assists, and was near tops in steals. He really showed how scary he can be because he dominated games despite struggling shooting. The biggest thing holding back Rose is his inability to get to the free throw line. Instead of absorbing contact and going to the line, Rose tries some ridiculous reverse layup or fading shot. He'll make some, but all NBA stars know how to get to the line. John Wall averaged over 10 free throw attempts per game. He really knows how to get to the line. Also shot mechanics wise, he's more impressive than Rose. I also liked how after having 8 and 9 turnover games his first two games, his last two games he had 3 and 2. Shows growth within a week. Then there is the whole intangibles part. I love Rose's maturity and low key demeanor but to be a star PG you need to be more vocal. Rose is not vocal with his teammates, he isn't a good director, and I hardly ever see him making adjustments to his teammates. While it might have been a bit overzealous and early for Wall to do this, I really liked how Wall right out the gates in the first game was already directing his teammates and telling Javale when to set picks and such. Wall is a good floor general and he does wear his emotions on his face at the proper moments which is very important for team morale. While you don't need to be a loud mouth to be a great leader guys like Jason Kidd are constantly working the refs and directing players. I can already see that from Wall but not from Rose. Lastly Wall has star power. While being a star is looked down upon from the media and Rose is applauded for his humble attitude, you need your teammates to feel that star aura. I feel like Wall's teammates will know at any time Wall is capable of getting them out of a jam. As for Rose I feel like his teammates are never sure what he'll do. With all this said but are extremely talented players who will both be perennial allstars, but I just think Wall could be elite. Both are extreme athletes who need to work on their jump shots and turnover problems, but if you ask me, I'll take Wall even knowing Rose's proven NBA success.

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It's really hard to say at

It's really hard to say at this point, but I agree some. I think John Wall has the talent to one day be better than Rose, but at this point, it's not fair to say. Rose has proven what he can do, and has shown that clutch gene in the NBA already. Wall seems to be a better passer, and a little bit more illusive of a player. Whereas Rose seems to be more aggressive attacking the basket. Both players will be special, but I see more potential in Wall personally. In two to three years, we will have our answer...I do think Wall will turn into the better pro player eventually...

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How I compare the 2

Physical talent:
I give the physical talent just a little bit on Rose because he is by far the most athletic PG I have ever seen. He is also blistering fast and quick and has a stronger body than John Wall. But Wall is not far behind.

PG Skills:
As for PG skills, I will give Wall the edge because he seems to have a better vision than Rose, I have my doubts as to whether Rose will ever average more than 8 assist a game (He average 6 assist a game last season) and I did not see any improvements from his rookie year to his 2nd year as far as passing and court vision. Wall on the other hand almost led the NCAA in assist his freshman year and seems to be more of a natural passer. Rose does take care of the ball a whole lot better than wall (College stats: Rose - 2.7 Turnover per game compare to Wall - 4.0 Turnovers Pergame)

This is where Rose really sucks, his defense is his main weakness right now and needs to improve on it. Wall has the potential to be a good defensive PG.

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