I think of ______ as a ______

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I think of ______ as a ______

Got this idea from a football forum. Thought it would be fun.

Which teams do you associate players with? Most success? Most recent? First team?
Like when you think of Kevin Garnett do you think of him as a Wolf or a Celtic?

  • Kevin Garnett
  • Ray Allen
  • Lebron James
  • Ron Artest
  • Steve Nash
  • Charles Barkley
  • Vince Carter
  • Jason Kidd
  • Tracy McGrady
  • Shaq
  • Chris Webber
  • Allen Iverson
  • Carmelo Anthony
  • Chris Bosh
  • Chris Paul
  • Wilt Chamberlain

Feel free to add more players to the list

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My List

KG - Timberwolves
Ray Allen - Supersonics
LBJ - Cavs (for now)
Ron Artest - Pacers
Steve Nash - Suns
Sir Charles - Suns
Vince Carter - (nowhere but ill go with Raptors)
J Kidd - Nets
T-Mac - Rockets (wishy washy between orlando)
Shaq - Lakers
Webber - Kings
A.I - 76ers
Melo - Nuggets (for now)
Bosh - Heat
CP3 - Hornets (for now)
Wilt - Lakers

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I'd say everything the same

I'd say everything the same but Bosh with Toronto and Artest with Sacramento

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KG- Wolves Ray-Sonics LBJ

KG- Wolves


LBJ -Cavs


Nash-Suns (NO BRAINER!)

Barkley- Suns

Vince-Rap Show

Kidd-Mavs (2 stints)



C-Webb- Kings

AI- Sixers

Melo- Knicks (The bane of him)

CP3- Wake Forest

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Here are some tougher

Here are some tougher ones:

Grant Hill

Matt Barnes

Steve Francis

Nate Robinson

Tony Allen

Carlos Boozer

John Salmons

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Hill - Pistons Barnes -

Hill - Pistons

Barnes - Warriors

Francis - Rockets

Robinson - Knicks

Allen - Celtics (for now)

Boozer - Jazz

Salmons - Kings

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I will remember Barkley as

I will remember Barkley as more of a sixer then sun just barely.

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My Picks

Kevin Garnett - Minnesota Timberwolves

Ray Allen - Seattle SuperSonics

Lebron James - Cleveland Cavaliers

Ron Artest - Indiana Pacers

Steve Nash - Phoenix Suns

Charles Barkley - Philadelphia 76ers

Vince Carter - Toronto Raptors

Jason Kidd - New Jersey Nets

Tracy McGrady - Orlando Magic

Shaq - Los Angeles Lakers

Chris Webber - Sacramento Kings

Allen Iverson - Philadelphia 76ers

Carmelo Anthony - Denver Nuggets

Chris Bosh - Toronto Raptors

Chris Paul - New Orleans Hornets

Wilt Chamberlain - Philadelphia Warriors

Grant Hill - Detroit Pistons

Matt Barnes - Phoenix Suns

Steve Francis - Houston Rockets

Nate Robinson - New York Knicks

Tony Allen - Boston Celtics

Carlos Boozer - Utah Jazz

John Salmons - Sacramento Kings

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Interesting way to look at it

I tend to associate most players with the team they were on the longest, or in some cases had the most success with. Here is my list:

  • Kevin Garnett: Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Ray Allen: Seattle Supersonics (even though it is hard not to think about him as a Buck at first, but his best years were on Seattle)
  • LeBron James: Cleveland Cavaliers(That will more than likely change, as I feel he stays on Miami for a good long while. But, he spent 7 years in Cleveland and has only spent two in Miami)
  • Ron Artest: Indiana Pacers
  • Steve Nash: Phoenix Suns
  • Charles Barkley; Phoenix Suns (even with him starting on Philly, he just had monster years in Phoenix)
  • Vince Carter: Toronto Raptors (I am from Toronto, hard to not associate him with the team even with everything that went down)
  • Jason Kidd: New Jersey Nets
  • Tracy McGrady: Orlando Magic
  • Shaquille O'Neal: Los Angeles Lakers
  • Chris Webber: Sacramento Kings
  • Allen Iverson: Philadelphia 76ers (I mean, really? Where else would people remember him, Detroit?)
  • Carmelo Anthony: Denver Nuggets
  • Chris Bosh: Toronto Raptors
  • Chris Paul: New Orleans Hornets
  • Wilt Chamberlain: Philadelphia 76ers (Though he started off on the Philadelphia Warriors)

The tougher ones by Chilbert Arenas:

  • Grant Hill: Detroit Pistons
  • Matt Barnes: Golden State Warriors
  • Steve Francis: Houston Rockets
  • Nate Robinson: New York Knicks
  • Tony Allen: Boston Celtics
  • Carlos Boozer: Utah Jazz

I am guessing geography, not to mention age, can play a major part in this. Just think most of these guys either had their most success or longest stint on these teams.

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Kevin Garnett - Celtics Ray

  • Kevin Garnett - Celtics
  • Ray Allen - Bucks
  • Lebron James - Heat
  • Ron Artest - Kings
  • Steve Nash - Mavs
  • Charles Barkley - Suns
  • Vince Carter - Raptors
  • Jason Kidd - Nowhere, he's been moved around a lot
  • Tracy McGrady - Magic
  • Shaq - Lakers
  • Chris Webber - Kings
  • Allen Iverson - Sixers (anything else is a travesty)
  • Carmelo Anthony - Nuggets
  • Chris Bosh - Raptors
  • Chris Paul - Clippers (love the name lob city)
  • Wilt Chamberlain - Lakers
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Garnett - T-Wolves Allen -
  • Garnett - T-Wolves
  • Allen - Bucks
  • LeBron - Cavs
  • Artest - Pacers
  • Nash - Suns
  • Barkley - Suns
  • Carter - Raptors
  • Kidd - Nets
  • McGrady - Magic
  • Shaq - Lakers
  • Webber - Kings
  • Iverson - Sixers
  • Anthony - Nuggets
  • Bosh - Raptors
  • Paul - Hornets
  • Chamberlain - Warriors/Sixers
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New listPau GasolJason

New list

  • Pau Gasol
  • Jason Richardson
  • Corey Maggette
  • Baron Davis
  • Dwight Howard (although that one should be easier)
  • Ricky Davis
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabaar
  • Penny Hardaway
  • Dennis Rodman
  • Shareef Abdur-Rahim
  • Chauncey Billups
  • Rasheed Wallace
  • Stephen Jackson

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Kevin Garnett- Celtics Ray

  • Kevin Garnett- Celtics
  • Ray Allen- Celtics
  • Lebron James-Heat
  • Ron Artest- Pacers
  • Steve Nash- Suns
  • Charles Barkley-Suns
  • Vince Carter-Raptors
  • Jason Kidd-Nets
  • Tracy McGrady-Rockets
  • Shaq-Lakers
  • Chris Webber-Kings
  • Allen Iverson-Sixers
  • Carmelo Anthony-Nuggets
  • Chris Bosh-Heat
  • Chris Paul-Hornets
  • Wilt Chamberlain-Lakers

I tried not to think and write what comes to mind-I guess I chose the teams that the player had the most success with( I mean individually, because obviously Kidd won a ring with the mavs and not the nets f.e)

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Kevin Garnett-Minessota,his

  • Kevin Garnett-Minessota,his best years and mvp season was with minny
  • Ray Allen-for alot of older dudes he will always be buck or a sonic but i think new generation will rember him primarly as a Celtic
  • Lebron James-i think when its all done he will be remebmer as one of the greatest or even goat with Miami,people need to realize that alot of greatest players played for different franchises heck even Mike came back with wizards
  • Ron Artest-Indiana brawl marked him for ever in my brain
  • Steve Nash-Sun,he become one of the greatest pg ever with suns
  • Charles Barkley-Sun,mvp year,finals he really became celeb with Suns
  • Vince Carter-imo Raptor cause people thaught of him as the next MJ back then
  • Jason Kidd-Same thing like Ray Allen
  • Tracy McGrady-Rocket but this is really a 50-50 with Orlando
  • Shaq-Laker,i will forever remember him as the most dominant player ever in his lakers jersey
  • Chris Webber, Kings,that 01-02 team was just stacked,alot of players of that team will be remembered as king
  • Allen Iverson-Sixer my favourite player ever
  • Carmelo Anthony-proly Knicks cause he's now on the microscope,he's bassically the knicks,he was always called when they played bad
  • Chris Bosh-Same thing as LeBron
  • Chris Paul-right now NOLA cause he didnt sign contract with clipps yet
  • Wilt Chamberlain-Phila,100,50 25 season and alot of records

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Here's it


Ray Alllen-Bucks





Vince Carter-Nets






A.I.- 76ers









Tony Allen-Grizzlies








Ricky Davis-Celtics

Abdul Jabbar-Bucks



Abdur Rahim-Kings


Rasheed Wallace-Hawks

Captain Jack-Spurs

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Pau Gasol - Lakers Jason
  • Pau Gasol - Lakers
  • Jason Richardson - Warriors
  • Corey Maggette - Warriors
  • Baron Davis - Hornets
  • Dwight Howard (although that one should be easier)
  • Ricky Davis - Out the league
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabaar - Lakers
  • Penny Hardaway - Easily Magic
  • Dennis Rodman - Wedding dress
  • Shareef Abdur-Rahim - Grizzlies
  • Chauncey Billups - Pistons
  • Rasheed Wallace - Jail Blazers
  • Stephen Jackson - Spurs
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Kevin Garnett- Celtic Ray

Kevin Garnett- Celtic

Ray Allen- Celtic

Lebron James- Heat

Ron Artest- Kings

Steve Nash- Suns

Charles Barkley- Suns

Vince Carter- Nets

Jason Kidd- Nets/Mavs

Tracy McGrady- Magic

Shaq- Lakers

Chris Webber- Kings

Allen Iverson- 76ers

Carmelo Anthony- Nuggets

Chris Bosh- Heat

Chris Paul- Hornets

Wilt Chamberlain

I was interested in Basketball when KG was at his height with the T-Wolves, but I associate him with the Celts because that's where he won his championship

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Kevin Garnett - T-Wolf Ray

  • Kevin Garnett - T-Wolf
  • Ray Allen - Sonic
  • Lebron James - Cav
  • Ron Artest - Pacer
  • Steve Nash - Sun
  • Charles Barkley - Sixer
  • Vince Carter - Raptor
  • Jason Kidd - Mav
  • Tracy McGrady - Magic
  • Shaq - Laker
  • Chris Webber - King
  • Allen Iverson - Sixer
  • Carmelo Anthony - Nugget
  • Chris Bosh - Raptor
  • Chris Paul - Hornet
  • Wilt Chamberlain - Sixer

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