I know it's very early to even predict...

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I know it's very early to even predict...

Chicago Bulls may finally get their bobcats draft pick from the Tyrus Thomas trade.

With the bobcats in the 6th seed in this "turrible" eastern conference, and Drose out for the year. The Bulls pick will be little higher than the avg. early-late 20's pick. Who do you see the bulls drafting in this upcoming draft if they do receive the bobcats pick and retain their own pick as well?

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They could really use Doug

They could really use Doug McDermott. He might be there when they pick. He is projected to not be on the board when the Bulls pick, but Chicago could really struggle now.

Gary Harris, Wayne Seldon, and James Young would also be interesting choices if one of those three is on the board.

With Rose being a HUGE question mark, with Luol Deng being a free agent, and with Carlos Boozer not really in their long term plans, this team is in flux. They need to figure out what they want to do. Then start a rebuild around Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson, Jimmy Butler, and some newer guys. Then see what happens with Derrick Rose.

A freshman I like is Austin Nichols. Quick forward, about 6'9 with great hands, and a great touch around the rim. Solid rebounder. Hit a big shot last night to put Memphis up 4 over LSU late in the game. I hope he sticks around Memphis for 4 years, but if he gets a jump shot, then I see him leaving within 2 years.

A "role player" I like, that the Bulls might be able to pick off in the second round is Aaron Craft. He is a true floor leader and is scrappy on defense. He could be a great backup to D Rose, or start until Rose gets 100% (whenever that is).

Chane Behanan is a bit undersized, but I like the way he plays. Good athlete, great rebounder, and could fit in with this Bulls team as a 4th or 5th big man.

Ideally, the Bulls should tank, and try to end up with Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, or Julius Randle. They should even think about Marcus Smart if he is available. He could figure it out with D Rose in the backcourt, or take over as the franchise guy if Rose can't make it back.

This team would be in great shape if they came away from this draft with Marcus Smart (their own tank pick) and Doug McDermott (Bobcats pick). I will take a future core of D Rose, Marcus Smart, Jimmy Butler, Doug McDermott, Joakim Noah, and Taj Gibson.

This Bulls team needs playmakers, scorers, and shooters. Smart and McDermott would solve a lot of problems.

If the Bulls get a top 3 pick then Wiggins, Parker, or Randle would also fit in too.

Rose, Wiggins, and Butler would give the Bulls the most potential on the perimeter, but Jabari Parker could give Chicago the best SKILL SET at the 3 spot.

Randle and Noah would be great inside, too. They could then use the Bobcats' pick on a shooter/perimeter guy.

If the Bulls want the best FRANCHISE GUY though, then they should go with Marcus Smart, considering the fact that D Rose might never get back to MVP form.

Then in the second round they could take the best big available. Either Chane Behanan (a Coach Thibbs kind of player) or take a flyer on Isiah Austin.

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If they get Marcus Smart I

If they get Marcus Smart I hope the Bulls handle it better than the Cavs did with Kyrie and Dion.

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Marcus Smart looks like a

Marcus Smart looks like a franchise guy. Dion Waiters never looked like that.

The Bulls can't build a Finals team around just Rose, Noah, Butler, and spare parts.

They should go BPA regardless of position basically. I wouldn't count on Rose, so Marcus Smart is a guy they should look at with FRANCHISE PLAYER potential.

You could do worse than a guard rotation of Rose, Smart, and Butler. Then they can go for forward depth with the Bobcats' pick. They could slot McDermott in at the small forward spot, or draft Payne as a stretch four.

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I would love to see Marcus

I would love to see Marcus Smart on the Bulls. They already are one of the scrappiest, toughest, best defensive teams in the league and Smart would just add to that. The Bulls' roster is filled with team-first guys and Smart would just help that mentality.

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Hold up

Marcus Smart?? The Bulls are too talented of a team to even have the ability to tank so bad that they would be in contention for a top pick where they could get Smart. AND, if they did get a pick that high in the draft, I really don't see them spending it on a point guard when, healthy or unhealthy, their franchise player is a point guard. If Wiggins or Parker or Randle or maybe even a wild card like Embiid are available when the Bulls pick (which they won't be, and neither will Smart) then I think the Bulls take any of those guys, rather than a point guard. But the sheer thought of the Bulls calling it in when the Eastern Conference is as weak as it is this year and dropping all the way down to where they would be able to get a top-tier guy like Smart is ludicrous.

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If they get a look at Selden,

If they get a look at Selden, Harris or James Young I'd take them in a heartbeat, let Deng walk, slide Butler back to the 3 (where he's better suited IMO) and swing for a PF with the Bobcats pick.

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