I Know its only summer league but...

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I Know its only summer league but...

I have not been impressed by Ben Mclemore at all...He has been incredibly average...Struggling against The Mavericks summer league guards doesnt scare anybody, I've been more impress by 2nd round pick Ray Mccallum...

Who have you been impressed with and who's leaving a lot to be desired...

Shabazz 7pts and 3 Turn Overs is dissapointing to me...

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Not that it's only summer

Not that it's only summer league, but it's only been ONE GAME! McLemore clearly was the focal point of what the Kings wanted to do on the offensive end running down screens for him all game, he was open and took good shots, they didn't go in but they weren't forced by any means.

Mccallum looks like he could have a future in the league, he played with poise and is a solid athlete, has to continue to develop that shot though.

Bazz didn't disappoint me since I have such low expectations for him these days.

James Ennis has been impressing me since the Orlando league. His shot looks flat but it goes in and plays off the ball better than expected.

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I'm not too worried about

I'm not too worried about most of these rookie poor performances because they are young, getting adjusted to the pace, learning the system, not gonna be top options on the teams( in most cases), and are probably nervous. A lot of time for them to grow and get better.

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So far through all the

So far through all the Orlando and Vegas summer league games I have watched I have been impressed by Domonique Jones from Milwaukee, Ricky Ledo on Dallas, Ian Clark, James Ennis, and Scotty Hopson on Miami, Ray McCallum on Sacramento, Tony Wroten on Memphis, and Grant Jarrett from OKC.
These are all un-established players and 2nd Rounders who have caught my eye, consistent NBA rotation players and most 1st rounders I expect to dominate so I wont list any.

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