I have to say...

i'm jus so offended
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I have to say...

I love seeing JaVale McGee and Anthony Randolph on the floor together. The look on their faces at all times. The collective basketball IQ of elementary schoolers. And lastly, the image I have of Jay Bilas watching this game and his head exploding from the amount of wingspan and potential between the two. So sweet.

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On a more serious note tho, I'll never understand what went wrong with Anthony Randolph. I thought he was a more athletic Lamar Odom!! Dude hasn't done anything in the L.

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Dude's crazy talented but

Dude's crazy talented but he's NEVER given opportunity to play decent minutes..

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Randolph did get a brief

Randolph did get a brief couple weeks of playing time with the wolves when Love went down, he really did some nice things over that span too.. It was one of the reasons I was surprised they let him go..

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I'm just glad the "Randolph

I'm just glad the "Randolph will be a 24/12/3/2/2 player in two years" posts have died down.

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