I hate the Miami Heat

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I hate the Miami Heat

I'm from New Jersey and I kind of root for both the Nets and the Knicks, but I gotta say that I hate the Heat way more than I like any particular team. So out of frustration from their birth in the finals, please bare with me as I rant about all of the things I hate about them.

I hate how they flop. All of them do it. It's as if they're being coached to do it. Chalmers was the one that stood out to me tonight, but on any given night you can see multiple guys make concerted efforts to flop multiple times. I hate how LeBron acknowledged that he has teammates that flop and condoned it. I hate how much of a pu**y he is. I hate how Wade is underratedly one of the biggest d-bags in all of sports. I hate that after how horrible he played for 6 games in this series he had the nerve to say he wasn't getting enough touches. I hate that after he doesn't get a call he just stares at the ref instead of running back on defense. I hate how soft Bosh is. I hate how soft they all really are. I hate that even though they were 30th in the league in rebounding this season they're going to the finals. I hate how Bosh instead of attacking Indiana's big guys he stood on the perimeter and shot 3's. I hate how much he looks like a dinosaur. I hate that he went 1-for-8 in the first quarter, then made one shot and did his dinosaur roar. I hate how dirty Battier is. I hate that he takes so many charges. Even though a lot of them are good calls, it's like I get punched in the gut every time he draws one. I hate how 95% of Haslem's shots are from the short corner. I hate how he's made 10 year career off of that one shot. I hate how awful Joel Anthony is. Did you know he holds the NBA record for most minutes played in a game without a point, rebound, assist, steal, block, or shot attempted (29 minutes)? He literally was useless that game. I hate that Ray Allen left KG and Pierce to join their biggest rivals. I love how KG doesn't talk to him anymore. Overall, I just hate the way the Heat play the game.

As for LeBron, I hope in my next life somebody else is blessed with that kind of athleticism so that I can watch a true legend.

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