I got a real serious question for anyone who watches the NCAA Basketball Tournament

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I got a real serious question for anyone who watches the NCAA Basketball Tournament


Screw "opening-round" game. Its a damn play-in game and its completely ufair to the teams that have to participate in it.

I mean why can't they just eliminate one of the at-large bids and just have an even field of 64. So one extra bubble team doesn't get in, big whoop. Who cares, honestly, if your team is marginal enough to be on the bubble you don't deserve to get in. Good luck in the NIT.

But it's completely a mockery to two schools who actually won their conference tournament. So what if they lose in the first round, they deserve an equal shot at it. And quite frankly the fact that one of the two teams in the play-in game is an HBCU, wreaks of a type on iniquity that our country should be past. We shouldn't have to deal with it in athletics.

So can someone get me to understand the hair brained logic as to why the NCAA tournament needs to have a field of 65 and hence a play-in game?

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The reason I think a play-in game makes sense is because lets face it, some conferences do not have what it takes to compete in the tourney. A number 1 seed has never lost to a 16, and I do not believe there has ever been a close call. The play-in game allows two teams that were ranked near to each other to play and actually WIN a game in the NCAA tournament. What is so wrong with that? I mean, sure you could take away a squad that might actually be competitive as a bubble team and let Alcorn State get some rest before losing to Kentucky by 30, but I have a feeling that the people in the play-in game do not mind being there, because one team can say that they won an NCAA tournament game. 1-1 is better than 0-1, and one of the teams in the play-in game gets to bring home an NCAA tourney victory to their school.

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its an honor for those teams

its an honor for those teams to even compete in the ncaa tournament. think about it. they might not have been to the tournament for 20+ years. its not ridiculous to have a play in game its just tradition. that very last team that gets let in might shock you. arizona went to the sweet 16 last year and they were one of the last 4 teams in. who expected davidson in the elite 8 two years ago? for the past 10 years or so a 12 seed has made it to the sweet 16. villanova won the whole tournament as a 9 seed. you just never know. Even if the 1 seed will beat the 16 seed 999 times out of 1000 you watch the game because it might just be that 1/1000 game that you see.

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At Large Bid

A perfect example is Arizona this year or Villanova last year. They were the last two at large teams in and managed to make it to the sweet 16. Without the playin game, neither of these teams would have gotten in and made it interesting. The better the talent in the tournament the better it is to watch.

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