I don't have many upsets

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I don't have many upsets

I don't have many upsets in my bracket.

I have Memphis over Michigan State in the second round, Butler over Marquette, Minnesota over UCLA and Florida, VCU over Michigan in the second round, and Ole Miss over Wisconsin and Kansas State.

I have all 1's and 2's making it to the Elite Eight with Kansas over Duke in the Final.

I think there will be some good Cinderella stories in the first weekend, but the second weekend will be about the big teams coming through, with four very good teams in the Final Four.

Should still be a lot of fun though.

I applied for the NBADRAFT.NET bracket on ESPN so it looks like I am in.

Good luck to everybody!

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Every year, there is one you

Every year, there is one you don't expect to pull it off and is almost impossible to get right unless you have a bias towards that school or just get lucky. I haven't done real well on a bracket since i got third in my dad's work pool in the 90's when there was less parity. I got like $160 as a ten year old, it was awesome. Probably spent it on Batman or Star Wars toys. I would go back now, punch that kid and tell him to put it in a savings account.

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I'm a huge Memphis fan,but

I'm a huge Memphis fan,but unless their bigs become more productive..I dont see them getting pass either St. Mary or Middle Tenn...Their guards have carried that team this season....

I think Belmont might upset Arizona..And Bucknell over Butler....

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i agree, theres no way that

i agree, theres no way that memphis could handle the bigs of michigan state, adrain payne and nix are just too beastly.

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well you better fix your

well you better fix your bracket up because i believe only once has all 2 seeds made it into the sweet 16 if im correct. i have creighton taking out duke in the second round

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