i cant stand when a nba prospects says this

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i cant stand when a nba prospects says this

if im not a first round pick im going back to school. if i could play in the pros it wouldnt matter where i played at. as long as i got a roof over my head and my family is well taken care of. do you agree or disagree.

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it's their right

it's their right to either join or stay in school another year. regardless of the reasons why they stay in school or go. you're wasting your time with this post.

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I think they are doing that

I think they are doing that because it gives them another year to improve their stock so that they can get guarantee millions. I can not fault people for that I may never see a million in my lifetime so I cant hate on someone who has that opportunity to earn that much and play a sport they love or like for that matter.

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Firts Round Picks

It is important to get a guaranteed contract. Everybody says stuff like, "If I was an NBA player, I wouldn't care how much money I make." I agree that money shouldn't be everything but they put in a lot of time and work. It's too easy for people to judge them.

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