I can predict the future

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I can predict the future

The moment you have all been waiting for. SpencerIsHawesome2(soon to have a new name)'s vision for the draft, snitches.

Washington Wizards- PG John Wall
This one is screamingly obvious. Wall is going to come in and be a top-10 PG right from the start. He’s fast, strong, smart, everything you look for in a PG. Once he develops a better jumper he will be deadly. Hopefully Washington’s band of morons(Blatche, Arenas) don’t lead this kid in the wrong direction.

Philly 76ers- SG Evan Turner
Apparently Philly’s draft board was leaked on it’s own website earlier and this was their pick. It makes sense he is a very good all-around player, although I don’t like him paired with Iggy. Regardless, he is tough and I’m definitely rooting for him. I see a fringe all-star year in and year out for this guy.

New Jersey Nets- PF Derrick Favors
I’m a firm believer that the top-3 are all very close to locks. I wanted to switch it up and be different, but I just can’t see anyone else being taken here. Maybe Monroe but I just think his ceiling is nowhere near as high as Favors. With Lopez at the 5 and Favors at the 4 this team will be a beast on the boards and Favors has the tools to be a top defensive player in the league--and as the saying goes “defense wins championships”

Minnesota T'Wolves- SF Wes Johnson
This is where it really starts to get interesting. Cousins or Wes? I think Minny goes with Johnny Flynn’s former practice-mate and one of the best shooters in the draft Wes Johnson. He fills an immediate need, is very athletic, and will have no trouble scoring in the league. My prediction that he will, like Turner, be a fringe all-star player year in and year out.

Sacramento Kings- C Demarcus Cousins
At this point, this is a no-brainer. Sacramento needs a banger down low, and Cousins is that guy. Pair him up with Tyreke and you have a dangerous duo for years. Dalembert/Cousins/Thompson/Landry rotation gives the Kings a little bit of everything thrown in there. As a Kings fan I would be extremely ecstatic if we land him.

Golden State- PF/C Greg Monroe
I like Greg Monroe in Golden State because GS has an array of scorers, and Monroe’s biggest strength as a big man is his passing. He would add a new dynamic to their offense, and if Biedrins can stay healthy they would in fact make a pretty decent big man combo.

Detroit Pistons- C Cole Aldrich
Everything I am hearing is that Detroit is going for Aminu. I’m not buying it. I think they want to scare the Clippers into trading with them. Right now they have Prince, Villanueva, Jerekbo who can all play minutes at SF. I think they go Aldrich and hope he can be similar to what Ben Wallace was on their former championship teams. Jason Maxiel is not starting C worthy and this is a team who needs to get a little tougher.

LA Clippers- SF Al Faruq Amino
And the Clippers are the “winners”, they get the guy they want. I put winners in quotation because I am not high on Amino at all. He’s a tweener without 3 point range. He has immense potential, but my prediction is he is the bust of this class.

Utah Jazz- PF Ed Davis
Carlos Boozer is about as good as gone, I think so the Jazz look to fill his spot via the draft. Ed Davis wont ever be as good as Boozer, but he can rebound and block some shots and has that magical word “potential” being thrown around him. IF things go right Davis can be a steal here, but I see him as a very good 1st big man off the bench to bring some energy and defense.

Indiana Pacers- PF Epke Udoh
He’s a bit older than most guys in this draft class, but is an excellent shot blocker and can take a year off the bench behind Troy Murphy learning the game before Murphy is gone (or gets dealt at the deadline). Udoh is a solid pick here, he should be a good role player throughout his career-unfortunately this doesn’t fill the Pacers need of a PG.

New Orleans Hornets- SF Paul George
One of the fan favorites on this site, and an excellent scorer I think George finds a very nice fit with the NO Hornets. CP3 will be able to find him all day just making him look even better than he is. Could also be a real steal at this point.

Memphis Grizzlies- PF Patrick Patterson
I think Memphis goes best forward/center available and at this point it’s gotta be Patterson. Good rebounder, solid player, tough. He will be good working in Memphis with their core of players. (If they think Gay is leaving, though, I think they go Babbitt)

Toronto Raptors- SG Avery Bradley
Everything I’ve seen has Toronto taking Bradley if George doesn’t fall to them. They’re gonna take Bradley and play the “convert the SG to PG game”. Unfortunately I don’t know if he’ll ever be more than a spark off the bench type player in that role.

Houston Rockets- C Hasaan Whiteside
The Rockets go big here, as they know Yao is in the final year of his contract and since he can’t stay healthy it may be wise not to re-sign him. Whiteside is a legit 7’ who can learn from Yao and if all things go accordingly, will be the starting center for them in the post-yao era.

Milwaukee Bucks- SG Xavier Henry
Brandon Jennings thanks the lord for this pick, as Henry will provide instant offense and a guy who Jennings will be able to kick out too often for the 3. Henry is a steal at this point--Also could take Babbitt here as well.

Minnesota T’Wolves- C Daniel Orton
Kahn took a lot of heat for taking PG after PG last year.. This year the best available at this point are SF’s (Babbitt, Hayward) but he took Wes at #4 and to avoid the critisicm he took last year he goes bog and takes Daniel Orton to help shore up the interior and insurance in case something happens or they move Jefferson.

Chicago Bulls- SF Gordon Hayward
Hayward supposedly really impressed the Bulls in their workouts, so if he falls here I expect him to be the Bulls choice. Solid offense off the bench for Chicago.

Miami Heat- SF Luke Babbitt
The Heat take BPA and at this point it’s Babbitt. I don’t think they’ll take Bledsoe, I don’t know how much better he will be than Chalmers, if at all. Whiteside is an option-but if the Heat get Wade/Stoudemire or Bosh than they will be in win-now mode. Babbitt will provide instant offense for a team that will score a lot.

Boston Celtics- C Solomon Alabi
Sheed and KG are getting old. Allen and Pierce could be gone. The C’s could go in any direction but I like the choice of Alabi here for them. If ‘Sheed retires he will be the 4th guy in the rotation of Perkins, KG, Davis, and Alabi. He has a fairly high ceiling for being drafted this late.

San Antonio Spurs- SF Damion James
Richard Jefferson is not what the Spurs need at SF. James is smart, sound and will be a solid contributor and could eventually be the Spurs starting SF.

OK City Thunder- PF/C Larry Sanders
We all know the Thunder are pretty set with their backcourt so they take the best frontcourt player available. Sanders is very athletic and has the potential to be a very good starter in the league if given a few years to develop

Portland Trailblazers- C Kevin Seraphine
The Blazers are pretty well-rounded on all aspects and no players drafted here will contribute right away, might as well take the highly-touted European center and see what comes of it.

Minnesota T’Wolves- SG James Anderson
The Wolves pick up a SF,C, and now a SG. Anderson brings 3 PT range to a team that can use some back-court shooters. Between him and Wes Johnson the Wolves go from struggling to hit 3’s to potentially being very good from deep.

Atlanta Hawks- SF Stanley Robinson
Robinson will come in and be able to contribute immediately to the Hawks. He’s very efficient and will put up decent numbers from the go.

Memphis Grizzlies- PG Eric Bledsoe
Conley is not what the Grizz want in their starting PG, Bledsoe falls to their lap here and they can’t pass up on him

OK City Thunder- PF Gani Lawal
Thunder hope either Lawal or Sanders can step in and make their frontcourt better.

New Jersey Nets- PF Craig Brackins
Nets grab Brackins in hopes he can become Favors backup and rotate with Favors, Yi, and Lopez

Memphis Grizzlies-PG Armon Johnson
Grizz bring in Johnson and Bledsoe to compete with Conley for the PG spot..

Orlando Magic- SG Jordan Crawford
The Magic will let JJ go as a RFA and take Crawford to fill his spot as a scorer off the bench

Washington Wizards- SF Quincy Pondexter
Mike Miller will be gone, that leaves an opening at SF

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When are megan fox and I

When are megan fox and I getting married?

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You are not. You 2 begin to

You are not. You 2 begin to date but every date you go on, and everytime you have sex you stare at her toe-thumb and cannot get over it, Eventually you chop it off in her sleep and go to jail for a long time.

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What Will Be The Kings

What Will Be The Kings Starting Lineup When The Season Starts?

Is Spencer Still Hawesome In Philly?

Oh, And Last But Not Least, On A Scale Of 1-10, How Hot Will My Wife Be?

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Beno/Evans/Casspi/Landry/Dalembert (Cousins get more minutes, but Dally will start initially)

Spencer is always Hawesome.. He will be even more Hawesome in Philly. I can already picture the 2013 NBA finals.. Spencer Hawes Vs. His Former team in an epic 7 game battle. Kings sign John Bryant before the season to deal with Hawes.

1 Being ugliest and 10 being the hottest... 3.6. At one point she was an 8 but every year you are married she gains 20 pounds.. By the 5th year she's a balloon but she's had 3 of your children and you stay together for the kids. At this point you stopped having sex so you resort to hookers. Not the pricey one's, the fat one's who have never shaved and have 4 teeth. You eventually get herpes and the only salvation you have is your custom-made lebron james ny knicks jersey (who never went to NY--but you think everynight before you go to sleep.. what if?!?)

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now u r just stating the

now u r just stating the obvious, lol.

will tiger win the us open?
how many rings does lbj have when he retired?
and i agree with aminu, they need a shooter and defender at the 3, paul george a better pick?

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pretty good mock

but i think we'll see elliott williams and dominique jones in the 1st round and maybe another euro if min/mem/okc/nj can't sell an extra pick

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why does everyone think

why does everyone think Blazers are going to pick Seraphin? Kinda getting tired of the Blazers drafting Euro prospects and never bringing them to the league.

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I was thinking Elliot

I was thinking Elliot Williams definitely in the 1st as well.. But as I kept going, I kept seeing other players who fit better. I almost put him at the Orlando pick, but he's not quite the shooter the Magic look for to surround Howard.

I have the Blazers taking the Euro because nobody they get at that spot will contribute immediately. Look at their roster--they're deep at every position.

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I can see the Future too...

I can see Hawes eating his first Philly Cheese Steak...and Loving it....

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