Hypothetical Question

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Hypothetical Question

How bad would basketball suck if the purists got their way and had the three point line removed? What adjustments would coaches make?

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Finding ways to spread the

Finding ways to spread the floor would be paramount. Im assuming most defenses would pack the paint. Maybe the the league would get smaller...I don't know.

Hype Machine
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On sucking scale ranging

On sucking scale ranging from:

'Does not suck at all'


'Sucks as bad as this question'....

I'd say somewhere in the middle. Nothing could suck more than this thread.

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That's where you're wrong

That's where you're wrong hype machine. This thread could get way worse with the following questions:

Simmons or Ingram guyzzzz?

What's philly doing lolz????

Kristaps or Kat roflmao?!

Trade Dwight Howard for josh smith gigglez

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