HS Phenom LeBron James vs 2-Time NBA Champ LeBron James

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HS Phenom LeBron James vs 2-Time NBA Champ LeBron James

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Offensively I believe the high schooler can hold his own with the best of them, but from a defensive perspective I'm not sure if the St. Vincent-St. Mary's star may have a chance to lock up or shutdown the much bigger physical 29-year old Heat Superstar.

Let's have fun with this! It shall be interesting to see the views on the two matching up.

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New Lebron would wreck him. I

New Lebron would wreck him. I mean he is literally his opponent, just smarter, older, faster, stronger, a better shooter a better everything. How do you manage this to be a conversation?

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modern lebron would just post

modern lebron would just post up HS lebron every possession he gets the chance too.

HS Lebron can hold his own on the offensive end. can turn the corner and draw enough fouls. modern lebron has lost some of his athletcism, which is insane to think of cus he;s still an athletic freak on the court, but theres no doubt he was a more athletic during his Cavs days.

but moden lebron will ultimately win the matchup. he's more physcial ,mentally and physcially stronger, smarter, and improved from the perimeter.

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Lebron has lost some

Lebron has lost some athleticism? Sorry, man, I just don't see it.

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The words

High School vs. 2 time NBA Champ just about sums this us...........

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This is stupid

This is stupid

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A high schooler "locking up

A high schooler "locking up or shuting down" Lebron is blasphemous, even if the high schooler in question happens to be his younger self. What are we even talking about?

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New Question

HS Phenom Lebron James vs. 1-time NBA champ Brian Scalabrine

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When is NBADraft.Net going to

When is NBADraft.Net going to start screening meaningless post like this?

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