Howard and the Mavs

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Howard and the Mavs

What trade scenarios could land the Howard in dallas? I imagine D'Antoni would want players like Marion to go along with his system and Collison to run the backup pg but it doesn't seem like there are many other pieces that the mavs can give away in order to acquire howard. Dallas was one of dwights top choices before he got traded and it seems like the lakers experiment isnt going anywhere fast. What are the chances he lands in dallas and what can they give away in a trade?

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Including ATL

As a Mavs fan, I think I'd prefer to work ATL into a deal and end up with Horford.

Mavs get: Horford, E. Clark
Hawks get: D12, J. Meeks
Lakers get: Marion, Korver, D. Harris, B. Wright

Solves Lakes need for a stretch 4 (Marion), more shooting (Korver), backup pg (Harris) and keeps them from taking on contracts beyond 2014.

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