How would you compare this draft to 2008?

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How would you compare this draft to 2008?

A few of us have been around this site for a long time... I remember in '08, how we felt about that draft and how good they will be... So, my question to you guys is this... Knowing what we know now about the '08 draftees and how we felt about them at that time, do you think this current draft is better?

I think a few guys from that '08 draft didn't live up to their potential... Which is more of a mind thing than inability... To me, these guys in this draft have the same feel as '08... If they fail, it's most likely an OJ or Beasley type mindset that stopped them from becoming a great player...

If you don't think this draft is a 2008 type draft... What draft would you compare them to?

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extremely similar..

i think both drafts are extremely similar. the depth in each are so good that the euro prospects didn't get too much publicity. in '08, gallo was the guy everyone talked about while ibaka, pekovic, asik, batum and dragic were never really talked about. all turned into great players. this year, i could see the same thing happening with saric getting most of the talk but in a few years, the names of capela, nurkic and bogdanovic will be household names. the euro prospects is always a good indication of how good the draft is in my opinion.

the main difference though is 2008 was rich with frontcourt talent. this years' draft is weak in the frontcourt but extremely good for wings, small forwards specifically.

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Add Porzingis to the list of

Add Porzingis to the list of future household names. And Jaric the center and Micic the pg might pan out as well. This site is pretty bad at placing internationals in it's mocks.

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both very good at the top

I liked 2008 because there were no huge busts at the top. Even Mayo and Beasley had a nice season or two each in their first few years in the league (Mayo's first 2 he looked really good, and Beasley's 1st season with Minny). Also in the top 10 were Rose, Westbrook, Love (huge stars) and Galinari, Gordon, Dragic, Ibaka, Batum, Asik (good starters, borderline all-star potential) and some good role players as well.

I could see the same happen this year, with such a strong looking lottery. We could have a solid 8-10 picks before the first real bust is taken (maybe this is dreaming, as there seems to always be one in the top 10, but wishful thinking). I also think we'll see a lot of players drafted outside of the top 20 who become very successful due to the depth of the draft.

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Not quite on-topic but I

Not quite on-topic but I think people still underrate the 2012 class. Drummond, Davis, Lillard and Beal have all shown All-Star potential with quite a few other guys having the chance to get there too.

I'm not sure if this year is stronger than 2012.

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Lol unless you can see in the

Lol unless you can see in the future yeah I would say your comparison doesn't make any sense. And if you can see in the future, I need some stock tips.

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2008 is underrated

In my honest opinion, the 2008 draft is underrated. We hear all the talk about how good 2003, 1996, and 1984 were, and even though the 2008 draft is still fairly recent, there were a lot of great players taken. Rose and Lopez are two of the best scorers at their position in the league, Westbrook is one of the best guards in the league, and Love is one the best players in the league. The draft wasn't top-heavy either. There were a lot of good players everywhere, and the only "bust" I see is Alexander, who didn't get much of a chance after he was lackluster. There are also players in there like Bayless, Robin Lopez, and Hickson who can play when given minutes. I hope the 2014 draft has players like the 2008 draft, it'd be great to see.

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