How to watch satellite videos on your pc?

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How to watch satellite videos on your pc?

I want to watch satellite TV videos on pc, does anyone know any good ways to watch satellite TV on computer?

Often heard in forums that people have this demand, but have no idea on how to achieve it? Actually, only need satellite TV services, you may feel convenient to watch satellite TV channels on your PC. There are three optional ways, we’ll explore on this page, you can choose the most suitable way for yourself.

  • Option 1: Connect a satellite dish directly to your PC
  • Option 2: Connect your satellite box to a PC
  • Option 3: Watch satellite TV channels over the Internet

Option 1: Direct connection to Satellite dish

With a satellite dish, a satellite receiver, a cable, you can watch satellite tv shows on your pc. It effectively replaces the set-top box with higher quality and flexibility. The signal will be more stable and you can have more initiative.

We’ve founded the series digital satellite TV receiver at, which will fulfill the job.

You can see the picture on the right, plug one end into a PC,

the other end to your dish, and use the supplied

software to access the free-to-view satellite TV channels.

You won’t be able to get the subscription channels, as you won’t be able to plug in a Sky subscription card.

We recommend: TBS6981-DVB-S2 PCI -E TV Card.

With it, user can simultaneously receive dual DVB-S2/S TV channels, this enables the user to watch one channel from one transponder/satellite while recording another channel from a second transponder/satellite. Alternatively the user can use one channel for data download while watching TV on another channel at the same time. TBS series products are fully supported under 32bit/64bit Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 and

Linux. The user can use TBS products for high speed satellite internet or data

download if such service is provided by service providers.

Option 2: Connect Satellite TV set-top box to your PC

The option is to connect an output from your satellite TV box into a TV receiver on a PC.

First of all, you will need a PC TV receiver. There are a number of different makers and models in the market. Here we’ll look into the types that plug into a USB socket on your computer:

These small boxes plug into your PC or laptop’s USB port, and let you watch TV via a TV aerial connector.

To be able to watch satellite TV on computer, you need a TV adapter that supports analogue. The best method is to get a TV adapter that supports both analogue and digital. .

We recommend: TBS5921 QBOX3

Once you have a PC TV receiver, you need a way of connecting the output of your satellite receiver to the input of your PC TV receiver.

Option 3: Watch Satellite TV Channels over Internet

Sky Digital: A range of Sky’s TV channels are extended to view online using Sky Player.

Blinkbox: Movies and videos on demand

Jump TV :TV from other countries

Catch-up TV: Missed a BBC, ITV, Channel 4 or Channel 5 shows in the last 7 days. Watch online for free..

All three ways have their own pros and cons. For me, I prefer to watch satellite tv on pc by satellite tv receiver, as long as you have the receiver, you can watch all tv channels received by the dish. And you will no longer to worry about extra money on tv programs. Which way will you be interested in?


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