How terrible is this draft?

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How terrible is this draft?

I mean, jeeezzzz...I have Monroe as one of the top prospects in this draft and he will just be a solid-good player

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Sub-par draft

This year seems to be down year for great players. Last year was so loaded because it was the first year after the new rule change. Most of those picks from last year would have declared the year before. I think this year has more depth but lacking great players.

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This year's draft is

This year's draft is atrocious.

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Something Tells me that this draft will be a cut above the 2000 Class and a cut below the 2006 Draft. I think their are some players who will surprise a lot of people in the NBA. While i think this class is primarily filled with role players is that really as bad as it sounds? Lottery teams can receive a player worth building on ala Jeff Green rather than building around ala Kevin Durant. I think the draft does feature several stars though. If Jordan Hill is half of what Chris Bosh is I'm sure any lottery team wouldn't lose sleep over that. If Brandon Jennings proves he's not the next Sebastian Telfair I'm sure he can have a serviceable career within the NBA. I think Earl Clarke is a poor mans Richard Jefferson who very well could become a 20ppg player within this league. I think Patrick Patterson and Dejuan Blair will make impacts on the NBA game their rookie seasons. I think Gerald Henderson can become an 18-5-3 type player in the right system. Now I do think many of the sexy picks are rather lack luster. I think by default Blake Griffin will go number one and the team that drafts him will regret it. Just ask Milwaukke how the Andrew Bogut experiment is going. I love Hasheem Thabeet, but I don't ever see him averaging more than 14 and 10 in this league and coming out of the gates I think he's an 8-10-3 guy. I think Harden will be an above average pro at best, but will do it on some horrendous team. I still to this day believe Greg Monroe is the best big man out of this class, but that's not saying much. All in all I love the nba Draft. It's short, exciting and gets most if not all of us tuned into the next NBA season. Something MLB and NFL cannot do. Theirs no 2 day draft, it's cut and dry with I believe 5 min cap picks compared to 15 in the nfl and for mlb draftees it's nearly years before any of them make an impact. Most of you can be disappointed by this years class and I'm one of those on that bandwagon, but It's going to be interesting to see how it pans out.

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