How soon do the Magic start making moves?

With Rob Hennigan former Thunder assistant gm taking over for the Magic, I wonder how soon the Magic start making some moves. Dwight will likely be traded soon and I imagine he won't be the only one to get dealt. Maybe draft night will be a big night for the Magic, I'm sure Hennigan will be hoping to shed some big contracts if possible, so they can start rebuilding.

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as soon

as soon as dwight makes a move

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There are two ways to look at

There are two ways to look at being on a new team with a one-year contract. One approach would be to want to showcase an individual game to earn the attention of a new team next summer. Brand points out that few teams will have as much cap space as Dallas, so the better way to approach the season might be to understand that a player who fits in and shares the bigger team goals might be in Dallas long-term.

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