How much better can Lebron be with a HOF coach?

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How much better can Lebron be with a HOF coach?

Lebron is one of the few players who can say they are the best without ever being coached by a HOF caliber coach. The great ones of Kobe/MJ had Phil. Duncan has Popovich and even Wade had a season or two with Riley. Can't say that with Lebron.

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Spolstra is only 41, he might

Spolstra is only 41, he might end up being a HOF coach by the end of his career. When Phil Jackson started coaching it was with Chicago, nobody said at the start of Jackson's coaching career he was a HOF coach, same with Popovich. Miami has a legit shot to be dynasty like those two teams, if so Spolstra will be a HOF.

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We all know that Coach Spo is

We all know that Coach Spo is Pat Riley's puppet, so you can basically say LeBron has been coached by Riley.

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a puppet that needs to listen

a puppet that needs to listen more to the puppetier

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He has one, they call him king riley


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I don't think Lebron has ever

I don't think Lebron has ever been coached in his life. Not high school, AAU or the pro's, he's always been in charge. He has never been in a situation that he wasn't the top dog and everybody knew it, even as a an adolescent. That's what makes this year he is having so amazing to me, because he figured it out himself and corrected the few deficiencies by making internal adjustments. Paul Silas was a tough guy but he knew make one wrong move against Bron and your history. After that its all been saps, Brown and Spolstra, who couldn't break out a wet paper bag with scissors in their hands. He has even been the top GM/decision maker, since his first year in the League. Don't forget he put this Heat team together.

He's had guidance counselors but never leaders, remember him harpooning Spolstra early last year about minutes and giving Riley notes. I don't blame him because real leaders of men don't suggest or even expect respect, they command it, and it happens organically. Nobody is ever going to say Brown or Spo lost a locker room, they never had it. Don't get me wrong I think they are both good coaches, just not my cup of tea and I wonder how good he would have been after a year with Izzo or somebody like that. Scary!

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Not much at all. He can

Not much at all. He can basically coach himself.

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just because lebron's

just because lebron's official head coaches so far haven't had resume's like some of the coaches mentioned already, that doesn't mean other people can't give him input. i'm sure he's got some pointers from mourning, shaq, ray allen, olajuwan and others..

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Would a hall of fame coach

Would a hall of fame coach improve his free throw shooting? Because thats his only weakness.

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you hit it spot

you hit it spot on...everytime its crunch time and hes at the line i just cringe cuz more times than not he will miss at least one...same with wade.

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Has a coach ever had such a

Has a coach ever had such a good 3 year run as coach Spo and still get such little respect. Spolestra has got that team to gel and made great rotation changes depending on the opponent, but still people think he's a talentless puppet.

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Sure coaches that have won 3

Sure coaches that have won 3 straight titles or 2 of 3 titles.

Heat still need to win the title to be considered an all time great team.

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Spo is a damn good coach and

Spo is a damn good coach and he's gona be here for a looooong time.

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