How many games will the Heat win?

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How many games will the Heat win?

Let me start by saying... I am not a Miami fan. I don't like how they came together, It would be like if next year Andrew Bynum and Chris Paul took half the money other teams offer them so they can play in Oklahoma City with Kevin Durant and win Championships. Not a fan, would rather see parity throughout the league. But they are taking advantage of how the league is currently set up, and i can't fault them to much for that. What I want to know is how many games people think they can win? Metta World Peace thinks Lakers can get over 70... But Miami has been together for 2 years now and have probably the easiest division in the league as they should devastate Orlando, Charlotte, and Washington. Who will get the better record?

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“For me to be a part of this

“For me to be a part of this team, this organization, this history and the way that they’re going into the future, it’s unexplainable… I couldn’t ask better than being here.”

The Pacers couldn’t ask for better either. When all is said and done, $3.5 million a year for a young man this decent and this talented could prove to be one of the better values of the 2012 crop of free agents.\'il'p;pooi89

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