How Long Until Royce White's 3030?

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How Long Until Royce White's 3030?

It's only a matter of time until he's got his own segment on ESPN 3030.

A. How long until it airs?
B. What is his defining moment?
C. What idiotic action does he do to scare teams away even more?

A. 4 years.
B. Getting his pilots license.
C. He's already accomplished that on twitter throughout the season.

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Not worth doing

unless you can get KD to interview on camera about him.

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Until the Rockets legal team finds a way to cut him without

paying him. When he is broke and can use the money, he will come up with something.

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the artist

Has it right on. The kid has a terrible support team and they will abandon him within a couple years. Royce will be broke and alone inside 5 years.

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more like 1515

more like his 1515 because his 15 minutes of fame are up, good luck in the d-league

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