How in the HELL does this happen? LOL

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I May Be Wrong
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Someone doubted Hypno

Someone doubted Hypno Toad....all glory Hypno Toad!!

Btw, I'm impressed with I May Be A Real Grandpa's hops to grab the net. Those squats in journalism camp are really paying off

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Someone Said My Name

Most of my leg strength comes from putting the Quiz Bowl team on my back.

But really, I do Quiz Bowl. Here's the link. Center Grove vs. the winner of Western Boone and Monrovia. I'm the kid on CG with the monotone voice:

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I watched two minutes of that

I watched two minutes of that video and assuming that you're Jacob on Central Grove, you have mad skills, I got respect for you man, you really do put the team on your back. Never gonna doubt you again, that quiz shiit is hard, I probably only knew like 3 out of every 10 of those. Although you would've been shunned from the site had you not gotten the D-Wade question right, lol.

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Thats great. I might of saw

Thats great. I might of saw that happen like once before. The duse who shot it should of grabbed the net but it was cool of the guy wit the mic to look out.

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I've seen variations of this

I've seen variations of this occur on high arching shots where the ball came to a rest like that after bouncing up and down a few times. Anyone who's played recreational ball has seen a shot caught between the backboard and rim... This one was new to me though.

There had to be several favorable elements. A very sticky ball with just the right amount of air preasure. Velocity, trajectory and rotation of the ball (watch the reverse spin on the clip). Lastly you need to hit the sweet spot for the reverse spin to lock in.

I played ball 5 days a week for 20 years and I've never seen the ball get stuck head on from half court before. Weird.

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Pause it at 1:10 and look how

Pause it at 1:10 and look how the ball is pressed up against the glass like that.
I'll call it a topside wedgie. Slightly flat ball, wedged perfectly b/t the backboard and the heel of the rim. I don't think you could accomplish this just shooting in the half court. I think it would have to be a distance shot for the ball to have the right amount velocity to wedge itself.

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Does it matter he took a huge

Does it matter he took a huge step over the line? I hope he still got the win..

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