How the Harrison twins decision will make THIS years Kentucky team even better

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How the Harrison twins decision will make THIS years Kentucky team even better

Obviously with the twins commiting to kentucky the wildcats team of '13-'14 looks to be quite impressive without even knowing yet who else will join them.

However, I think the twins commiting this early in the process will be a big benefit to this years team as well. Both Ryan Harrow and Archie Goodwin have officially been put on notice. They each need to have very good years so that they are able to declare for th 2013 draft because once the 2013 season rolls around I gurantee the Harrison twins will be starting at the 1 and 2 no matter who else is on the team.

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i don't hate anything on this

i don't hate anything on this planet more than i hate the University of Kentucky men's basketball program and their rat basterd coach

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sore about terrence jones?

sore about terrence jones? don't hate. lots of schools get five star recruits, nobody has parades when someone commits to any other school. but the media machine is hungry and calipari is its food.

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Say they were both in the same class. You would then choose Aoron (I think thats the SG one? sorry if Im wrong) over Archie Goodwin. I personally wouldn't.

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Sure it makes them better,

Sure it makes them better, but I dont think it makes them all that much better, because now they arnt going to get the most out of guys like Ryan Harrow and Archie Goodwin, because they will most likely get religated to the bench, and if they dont, then the Harrison brothers wont get the minutes they need to be at their best. They have a bit of a log jam at the guard spots, not that I dont think it could work, as much as I dislike Calipari and how he always manages to get the top recruits, he is a damn good coach and finds a way to get everyone buying into the system.

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Andrew Harrison, Aaron Harrison, Andrew Wiggins and Julius Randle

thats just sick

Anthony Davis going to the Olympics fresh out of Kentucky is gonna make guys wanna go there even more now.

Look at AD's growth as a player, he had &$#%#&@! form on his jumper coming into UK and developed at nice mid range jumper. Not to mention him, MKG, TJ, Lamb, Teague, Darius Miller all became a tight nit unit and won a National Title.........guys are going to want to do this

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That is a nice load of talent they have there, but my question is whether they'll be able to develop chemistry like this year's squad. AD, Kidd-Gilchrist, and Darius Miller were all high character guys, and what worries me is that they might be more concerned with going to the NBA instead of winning on the college level.

College ball relies much more heavily on teamwork than NBA ball, I mean look at Indiana. Even Cody Zeller wouldn't be as good if he didn't have Christian Watford backing him up.

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Starting Lineup

PG Andrew Harrison

SG Aaron Harrison

SF James Young

PF Andrew Wiggins

C Julius Randle

Bench: Derek Willis Willie Cauley-Stein

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andrew wiggins wont play in a

andrew wiggins wont play in a team he will be forced to play PF. and im sure randle doesn't wanna play C.

stop dreaming

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You are right, allot of

You are right, allot of Pressure for Ry to perform this year. In a recent interview he said hes back down in weight to 168, thats not good. And Archie could be first rounder, but he may need another year just like Ry Harrow

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If you think

putting even more pressure on a very young team with overblown expectations is a good thing, then yes, it may help this years team. Or they may crumble under the pressure, lose 15 games, and squeak into the tourney and lose the first weekend.

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im far away from the USA, but

im far away from the USA,

but why the hate to Kentucky coach?,

sorrrry for the question, kinda new to College ball

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I'd love to know how Coach

I'd love to know how Coach Cal is so great a recruiting, he'd make a great GM for any NBA team. Seriously though he has proved over the last few years, he's the best for helping one and done guys, so the top prospects will join his team. Once one top player commits then other top guys provided they don't play the same position will join up as they know the team will be strong, they have a great coach and will be in the spotlight.

The Twins are another great pick up for Coach Cal and Kentucky University.

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