How good was Dino Rađa?

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How good was Dino Rađa?

I was watching a documentary on Dražen Petrović and saw mentioning of Dino Rađa. I know he played few seasons in Celtics in mid 90s, but haven’t been able to watch him that much in NBA. So, i was wondering how good was he?

I know he intentionally failed his medical when he was traded and left NBA after only four seasons (struggling with injuries in latter two). He continued to be one of the best centers in euro basketball in twilight of his career and retired in his mid-30s.

His stats look good 15 an 7 as a rookie, and almost 20-10 in his third season. Did he have potential to be anything more than just average player in the NBA (although his numbers are far from average) and why did he left the league at such young age.

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i watched his whole career in

i watched his whole career in the nba and i think he kinda topped out as far as potential. He was an excellent face up shooter with a high release point that allowed him to get shots off from 18 feet and in. But he was a poor athlete and not very physical for a pf. Defenitely a solid player, but was gonna be just below all-star status.

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As Bill Simmons points out in his book, Dino was one of the last NBA players to be able to put 20-10 and smoke a pack of cigs after games. I'm going to take a wild guess and say the smoking probably had something to do with his lack of athleticism, physicality, and early NBA demise. Seriously though, Boston traded him to Philly where he failed his physical and decided to just leave the NBA instead.

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Loved Dino

Wow, love the post. Dino is one of my personal favorite players of all time. Probably because his career coencided with my friend getting illegal cable and being able to watch every Cs game for about 4 years.

Dino was a fantastic player, but we all have to recognize that like alot of other European players at the time, his best days were probably played in Europe. Tony Kucoc who came into the league at about the same time was several years younger and was just reaching his prime.

Loved the season where the 1-2 punch for the Cs was Dino and Dominique. Not really a contender, but tons of fun to watch. Then came that putz Rick Patino and the fun was gone for a while.

And for a "poor athlete" 20-10 numbers are pretty solid. I might actually compare him to a Carlos Boozer type guy (if I liked Carlos Boozer).

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That celtics team that he

That celtics team that he almost averaged a DD on was pretty damn bad. just throwing that out there.

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