How Good Is This Draft Compared to The Previous Drafts

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How Good Is This Draft Compared to The Previous Drafts

If anybody hasn't heard this draft group is expected to be full of busts...I actually most of them will have good careers but some can actually turn into stars...So what you think??

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Yea, I think this class will

Yea, I think this class will have a lot of good role players. Maybe not any franchise players, and a few all stars. Nothing spectacular but i think good teams can maybe get a steal in the 20's. I think guys will have good rookie years but hit their ceiling much faster because of the age limit. Look at's mock lotto. There are a lot of juniors on there so again not a lot of potential but some solid players.

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With talent yes with Star

With talent yes with Star potental NO

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Besides point guards, this draft is WEAK SAUCE. While there is obviously talent and NBA potential (Blake Griffin, Ty Lawson, James Harden, Thabeet) there are plenty of quesiton marks surrounding many players, including Stephen Curry, Chase Budinger, Dejuan Blair, BJ Mullens, Tyler Hansbrough, Luke Harangody, and Jrue Holliday. Not to mention Demarr Derozen sucking until march madness season) I don't think this draft will be bad to 2001 standards but it DEFINITELY will not match last year's draft. I like Blake Griffin, but really after that, I don't see any superstars unless Thabeet or Brandon Jennings step up.

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not a bust.....

I happen to think this draft will not be full of bust and a lot will have good careers. The point guards are the best thing in this class. Some all astars will emerge from this draft.

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If you wanna compare this draft (2009) to the last 5...i think it will look like this

Prediction- 2009- The top 15 players will be those best players. I think the 2nd round will be deep we may see 10 to 12 good role players out of it. my rating : 5 out of 10

2008- Excellent Draft. Looking like the 5th of the top 5 preclaimed Drafts ( 84,96,98,03,08) A couple of all-stars and alot of guys who can start by next season. 8.5 out of 10

2007- Nice Good picks ( Durant, Horford, Noah, Stuckey) alot of wierd picks ( Jason Smith, Williams, Dudley, Tucker) We will see next season who will rise up. 7.5 out of 10

2006- below average Lottery ( Roy, Gay and Aldrige saves it) Alot of role players....Rondo was a steal at 21. 6 out of 10

2005- Top 10 Center, young Forward, 2 top 5 PG's and a underrated PG in the top 5. Bynum at 10, Nate at 21, Granger at 17 and Ellis at 40! Good year. Not Great but good. 7 out of 10

2004-The year of High school guys. Some were smart ( Howard, Josh and J.R. Smith, ) Some made huge mistakes ( Telfair, D.Wright, ) some nice picks in the 20's College guys did well ion this draft as well. 7 out of 10

Tell me what u think

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This years draft will at

This years draft will at least be a 6 mainly because teams need good point guards and Griffin, Thabeet, Harden, Derozan, Clark, and others will be qualtiy player and maybe some will be stars. People are letting the Media determine how you view something. The media looks at the sure things they hate to speculate and be wrong so they just agree with a lot of people are saying. People forget that last year's draft was not supposed to be better than the 2007 draft.

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I don't know why people are so excited about the PGs in this draft. I haven't really seen Jennings and Rubio (and in all likelihood, niether have any of you), but I don't think any of the other PGs in this draft look anything like all-stars or anything close. Curry looks more like a shooter - probably an excellent reserve or jump shooting PG who can come off a pick. Flynn, Lawson and Collison are all undersized and not particularly impressive shooters whose upside project in the healthy Brevin Knight range. Patty Mills probably isn't that good. Eric Maynor lacks elite quickness and isn't a good enough shooter to make up for it. Evans probably won't be a PG, and Holliday wasn't even that good at UCLA. Realistically, the difference between those "top" guys I just listed and guys like AJ Price is probably negligible.

To me, the real potential is up front, with Griffin, Hill and Thabeet, and at SG with Hardin and Evans. Nobody else in this draft excites me much.

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dude ur so hard on

dude ur so hard on everyone!!!

rubio and patty mills ripped up the US teams or did u miss that?

i reckon that eric maynor will be a suprise to everyone as well put him in the right system that gives him people to work with (maybe bucks) and he'll deliver

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