How good can Trey Burke be?

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How good can Trey Burke be?

He has a little CP3 in him. The way he's into the game, the way he plays with his heart. Can be the leader of a team. How good can be become in the NBA? A Tony Parker or Rondo good?

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He'd be

my first pick in this weak a$$ draft.......but that's just me.....

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I like his chances in the

I like his chances in the pros just because he has proven that he can shoot. If you have legitimate NBA range, life is easier on the court. Combine his shooting with his finishing ability and game management and you have a solid PG.

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He can be very good depending

He can be very good depending on his team. I know that answer may be obvious for just about any player, but we know he lacks size and the athleticism to make up for it. He should not be a lotto pick taken with hopes to build around. But if your a team with solid post play and other ball handlers, Burke can be the perfect fit. The best fit I believe will be Utah. Favors and Kanter seems to be a force in the making; the type that can make any perimeter player better. Add that, both Burks and Heyward are above average ball handlers and good playmakers. This is a good fit for Burke because theyhave everything to make up for his weakness. Burke is a great fit for Utah as well as he will bring some swag (do we still say this?) to Utah. He may not be able to get his own consistently in the league, but he can consistently make you pay for having to focus so much attention on their other players. I think Burke belongs in Utah's range, but he probably will be drafted higher. I think Utah must package both picks in order to move up and get him.

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If Utah gets him, watch out

If he lands on a team that needs a starting PG, I could see him being Damian Lillard with a better jump shot. If he falls to Utah, that's a steal.

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I think at worst he ends up

I think at worst he ends up like Raymond Felton. He's got the heart of a champion and the skills to make it much bigger than that though.

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Burke doesn't seem to have the same "maybe I'll get fat" this offseason potential though.

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gonna be a solid NBA PG for

gonna be a solid NBA PG for years to come, I do think he is a situational player though. you wont see the best of him on a bad team but on the right team, he definitely can be an All Star caliber player.

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Where does he get drafted? I

Where does he get drafted? I think Burke could be the best in this draft because it really is WIDE OPEN. Trey Burke is a guy I want on my team and even though I am not a Kings fan at all I think he could really help them. I wouldn't be surprised if the Kings drafted another me first player in Shabazz, but Burke could really help turn things around there. I'd also like to see Burke as a 6th man in OKC, but I am sure they will go with a big man.

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People say burke isn't

People say burke isn't athletic. He is a fairly solid athlete. He dunks off of his opposite foot on fast breaks. And last night he chased down Siva who is no slouch in the speed or leaping department and put his dunk attempt right on the back board.That is athleticism at it's best right there.

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I think he can be a stud,

I think he can be a stud, perhaps a fringe all star. Last night he was blowing by NBA quality defenders, (Smith and Siva) and finishing in traffic against Diang, who plays NBA level big man defense. He also almost hit the top of the square on the backboard on that BS foul call on Siva, so the athleticism seems to be there. In addition, the heavily contested three's that he was knocking down from NBA range show he is more than capable as a shooter. I can see him going in the 5-10 range and being looked at as a steal in a few years. I can also see him becoming a Kemba Walker type starter, but not a star. Barring injury, I think he will at the very least be a quality starter in a few years and possibly a star.

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I think he CAN be an

I think he CAN be an all-star, but I don't think he'll get there personally; definitely don't see him reaching Tony Parker/Rondo status. I think he'll end up being a below average starting PG or a good backup, but he could prove me wrong just like anyone else can.

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