How good can Alex Len be?

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How good can Alex Len be?

The surprising #1 overall pick in a bad draft class could go several ranges of how good of a player he can be in the NBA. You would think he should at least be a long time starting center in the NBA with the fact that there aren't a lot of great true centers now a days or he could also be another Euro Bust. What players do you think he could end up being similar to?

The best I could see him being in the league: Brook Lopez (Starter and more than a few All Star appearances)
The most accurate comparison based on how good he will be: Kosta Koufos (A starter but not an All Star)
Worst Case Scenerio: Hasheem Thabeet (An epic bust to be drafted in the Top 3)

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I kinda like the Lopez and

I kinda like the Lopez and Koufos comparisons to a certain extent but Thabeet? Their games are nothing a like.

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Little more nimble than Lopez

Little more nimble than Lopez and Kufos because that gymnast background.

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I think he was comparing how

I think he was comparing how their careers could/have pan(ned) out instead of actual game in that comparison. I hope he was at least.

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Len can be in contention

Len can be in contention for an all-star spot for about half his career. That's his ceiling I think.

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I am not saying anything new,

I am not saying anything new, but that stress fracture scares me. Scouts think he needs to add 20-30 more pounds, but he was getting stress fractures in his feet at a 230 playing weight. I don't think he will bust because of his skills, but he might bust if he never gets to play due to stress fractures.

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