How effective will Tyreke Evans be at the 3 in NOLA?

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How effective will Tyreke Evans be at the 3 in NOLA?

Just to think of the backcourt lineup being Holiday and Gordon leaves me to wonder how effective will Tyreke be playing off the ball at the 3, since he won't have the ball in his hands in offensive sets. I really hope he has worked on that broken slingshot this offseason.

What are your thoughts?

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Not effective at all. He

Not effective at all. He isn't a great defender and doesn't have a jump shot. Do you really think he'll be guarding the likes of Kevin Durant and LeBron James? They need to move Gordon and let Tyreke start at the 2.

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Be better in a 6th man role. No way in hell he can play sf. He'll get pushed around by bigger sfs like LeBron, melo, kawhi, deng, smith and even the skinny Durant.

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Lebron and Melo don't really play the 3

And Evans is bigger than Kawhi and Deng. He won't play ONLY the 3, but he certainly can play there.

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bruh i like how you state you

bruh i like how you state you right without proof all the time. look on espn the weight and height of kawhi and deng is proof they are obviously bigger than evans. plus how put guys dont really play the 3? Either state one or the other. Plus how you get 11 pluses off dummies? Obviously, evans wasnt effective at the 3 last year, why would he be effective this year?

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From a Kings fan

He can play the three but not as well as Nola fans will want. Tyreke plays best on the ball as the lead guard where he can use his strength to bully smaller guards. He loses that advantage at the three and does not have enough speed to make up for it, he also has no jump shot which means that unless he starts with the ball towards the top of the key he has a hard time making it to the hoop. Tyreke can defend the one or two well enough but not the sf spot. He is an ok rebounder and is not selfish with the ball. I am looking forward to seeing how he plays with a PG who can actually average a respectable number of assists.

Tyreke can play the three a small bit for the Pelicans but to keep him happy and efficient he will have to play off the bench as a guard.

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Nice analysis but as a Kings

Nice analysis but as a Kings fan I think you know what you're talking about.

I agree that he will split his minutes between the 2 and three. They have enough minutes to share at both positions. I could see him having a 76ers Iggy kind of role when Iggy hasn't developed his outside shot. My main concerns are of he will be effective playing more off the ball since Holliday and EG have the rock a lot in their hands.

I still think this is a good signing for the Pelicans. Best case is Tyreke plays superior to Gordon then they can still try to trade EG. If he just plays okay he still can be their 6th man. Will be interesting to see who gets how many shots in the end since many people seem to forget that they still have Ryan Anderson who shot at will last season from deep. IF they find their chemistry and everyone stays healthy they should really make some noise in the west. Defense might be their biggest weakness but a healthy Davis should be a great rim protector and fascilator.

Gordon was once considered the best young sg before he had his health problems and they have a pretty well balanced roster now. Didn't they get Withey in the Lopez trade on top?

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I think he would be better at

I think he would be better at the 2, with him and Holiday both playing on and off the ball. I wish they would move Gordon, but until they do..

I think that as a small ball lineup they will be very good. All this talk about guarding 3's and what not isn't that important, teams play matchup basketball so much. Lebron and Melo play the 4 half the time. Its more important to have a good versatile player than a specific 3.

Jrue, Gordon, Evans, Anderson and Davis will be a very good small ball team. Some issues on defense though probably, depending on how Davis continues to develop on that end.

I think he would be better to come off the bench though with the current lineup, come in and handle the ball like Ginobli does for the Spurs. He could still play 30+ mins a game if they use it right.

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I just want to trade Eric

I just want to trade Eric Gordon

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And as a Eric Gordon

And as a Eric Gordon supporter, I badly want NO to trade him. He never wanted to play there.

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He'll come off the bench in a

He'll come off the bench in a Ginobili-type role where he can play any of the three positions on the wing...Reke Havoc needed a change of scenery and I'm hoping he plays well and accepts his role off the pine

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Random thought on New

Random thought on New Orleans, I still think they should have traded eric gordon for another first round pick preferably lottery next year and bottomed out like the 76ers for another year, then next year went out and spent the 11 million they spent on evans on someone else that way they would have had 3 top 6 or 7 picks and have austin rivers as their sixth man (I think he will develop to be a top 5 sixth man in the league). Their owner wanted to win now so I think they just limited their ceiling on how good they can be.

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Defensively I think he'll be

Defensively I think he'll be fine. He's a very good defender. As bad as Sacramento was defensively as a team and with the scoring persona he has, it's only natural that he's going to get tagged with a bad defensive reputation. Unfortunately that's just the way it goes sometimes but it's wrong. He has very good lateral quickness and the mindset to keep his man in front of him. His long arms also help him be disruptive on defense.

The question with him playing small forward is more aboutthe offensive fit alongside Gordon and Holiday. The latter two have the versatility of being good spot up shooters but having three perimeter guys whose strength is playing off the dribble could lead to diminishing returns for all of them.

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I'm calling it now

Between Gordon's injuries and inconsistency, and the fact that Tyreke is a mismatch for so many SG's in the league, he will start more games than Gordon does this season, even if New Orleans doesn't trade Gordon.

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