How effective will this Miami strategy be against the Lakers?

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How effective will this Miami strategy be against the Lakers?

Bron in the post surrounded by shooters (Bosh, whom they claim is trying to develop a reliable three, Battier, Allen and Wade) being single covered by Dwight (flanked by Gasol on Bosh, Kobe on Battier, Nash on Allen, Metta on Wade)?

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LeBron showed improvement in

LeBron showed improvement in the post versus OKC, but I'd really like to see if his post game has improved enough where he can exploit that consistently.

Ron Artest won't be bullied like Kevin Durant. He's 6' 7" 245-250 himself.

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The lakers stay big when they go small ball they will get killed by threes.. If Artest Is on Lebron then there is a mismatch somewhere with one of the bigs.. So the paint will have one big out of it for Lebron the take it into the paint with.. And even so there will always be a mismatch because of Steve Nash. He can't keep up with Ray Allen runnin off screens! And if they put Dwight on Lebron. He can just pull the ball out to the wing and have a mismatch.. This is all offensely, on the defensive end. Idk how Lebron will stay out of foul trouble gaurding Dwight..because that what he'll have to do in crunch time. And even so he'll be guarding pau OR they play Lewis on him and let Lebron stay at the three on defense. Offensively they will be able to handle the lakers. Idk so much about defensively..

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lebron in the post single

lebron in the post single covered by dwight, surrounded with shooters???

i think you're just trolling asking for negs and people haven't negged you cuss they don't understand the degree of stupidity in your post.

have you ever watch the heat play? or lebron for that matter? since when is the heat's strategy slow the game down for lebron to operate the post? WITH DWIGHT HOWARD COVERING HIM??? he has a decent low post game, he's not al jefferson...

the heat's strategy wont change a thing from last year..... we'll see a little bosh 3s if he gets it going, thats about it

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Miami is going to force LA to adjust to their style, which means line ups like






if the Heat can keep their tempo and pace, the Lakers have to adjust there's no way around it at all

but if the Lakers control tempo its over Miami cant match up with the Lakers inside and that opens up so much for Kobe/Nash

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