How does Warren stack up?

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How does Warren stack up?

I wanted to know how you guys think Willie Warren stacks up against this point guard class.

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He would be a lottery pick,

He would be a lottery pick, but it would be as a shooting guard. He isnt a point yet, so the team that drafts him should look for instant offense first then develop his pg skills. I think he will be a pg before its said and done though. He would be the 4th or 5th pg taken (after Curry or Flynn)

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Warren is only behind Rubio and Flynn as far as PGs go. He's in the same discussion as Curry, Evans, and would definitely be taken ahead of Holiday. I see Warren as a Baron Davis type down the road once he gets comfortable running an NBA offense.

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Agreed with Baron Davis comment

I think willie is quicker than Baron but will have less court vision, and forward shake n bake which means he will get to the basket quicker. I like this kid he would be behind jennings in this draft as the most potential....Ben Gordon with about 2 in.

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I agree with the Baron davis

I agree with the Baron davis comment also. The kid loves to shoot the ball. He's got some ben Gordon cuz he would just walk up to the 3 point line and shoot it contested without thinking twice. He doesn't care and that's what makes a great scorer. I think this year at OU he'll be a 20+ point guy with 5 assts. Definetely a top ten pick this and next year.

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A guy that would have gone

A guy that would have gone lottery if he came out this year. He's a very intriguing high upside player. I think his stock might take a hit next year without blake, but we will see the results with time.

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I think he would have been

I think he would have been the 3rd PG off the board. Rubio and Curry would have been 1st and 2nd

In this draft, he probably been 7th in the draft to GS because his size, scoring and pg skills could make him a excellent backcourt partner with Monta.

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Right now, I consider Warren

Right now, I consider Warren to be more a shooting guard than point guard so I really can't compare him to the other point guards in this draft. He may become more of a point guard next year. If he plays as hard as he did this year, I think he will be a lottery pick next year. I actually think he will be better than Ben Gordan, because Warren plays well on the defensive end.

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