How clutch is J.Smoove?

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How clutch is J.Smoove?

From 1 to 10.... 0

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??? Beside of the fact that I


Beside of the fact that I never considered him beeing clutch at all he has way more holes in his game he needs to work on. His shot selection is horrible, he isn't effective without the ball at all and his athletics won't be there for too long filling the stat sheets with blocks and rebounds like it did in the past.

Somehow he still thinks he's a small forward but he is not. After 9 or whatever years I gave up on him to ever match his talent. He should team up with his buddy Dwight next year somewhere and let's see what happens when your starting frontcourt earns like 40 mil a year and has the basketball IQ of MJs Baseball socks...

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He's a great #2 option and a

He's a great #2 option and a phenomenal #3 option...But too often hes ATL's #1 option and that = a bad thing

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It is such so senseless. He

It is such so senseless. He could easily be a top 15 player, the second fiddle on a champions-caliber team, basically a matchup nightmare on offense and specially on the defensive end. The problem is he was never held accountable for careless or sometimes idiotic play. There is no argument for shooting long jumpers or threes if you can destroy the other team with attacking the basket or posting up. There were thousands and thousands players but in the modern NBA there is not one single guy who shot so much jumpers with so little success. Over all the years I saw him maybe yanked five times for shooting his ill advised "shots" early in the clock, but he deserved to be yanked at least 500 times. Very interesting offseason, he really thinks he is a franchise type. What a waste, on talent only he should be on the last Team USA and on the next one.

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Lol I dont know who told him

Lol I dont know who told him he could shoot, but man he shoots alot of shots, and most of them are BAD BAD SHOTS.

I hope no one gives him a MAX he is not worth that.

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Mike Scott> J Smoove

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