How the Bulls match up w/ Orlando

Bulls vs Orlando

Rose vs Nelson- Bulls have an overwhelming advantage here and need to in order to pull out a series win.

Brewer vs Carter- Carter is the much better player, but if Brewer's defense can make him take off balance 3's instead of driving and dunking on peoples heads then he has done his job.

Deng vs Pietris- Pietris is a streak shooter and Deng has a habit of fading into the background offensivly. Deng is the better player, but needs to be aggressive and show it.

Boozer vs Lewis- Boozer should dominate on the offensive end and force the Magic into playing Gotat and Bass more than they like. However, if Lewis gets going from 3 it could be problems.

Noah vs Howard- Howard is the best center in the league. Noah is only one of the best centers and he will bust his back trying to match up w/ Howard, but he will need help from teammates doubling down on Howard if the Bulls wish to keep him in check.

Bench: Orlando has a great bench which includes Bass, Gortat, Richarson, Duhon and what should have been the bulls starting sg Redick. The Bulls have Gibson, Asik and Thomas which will help in going against Howard. Korver will help w/ much needed shooting to keep up on offense w/ the magic.

I fully believe the Bulls are a better team.

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The Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors have a bill of about $849k, close enough to the border that a simple trade during the season might help them dip back under.

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“It’s really motivating to

“It’s really motivating to know that you can earn a spot by working hard,” Smith said. “That’s what a lot of guys on this team do, especially me. I go out in practice every day and give it my all to show the coaches that I’m listening and learning, doing what they want me to do offensively and defensively. If I do that, I know I can earn a spot on this team.”

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