how to blow smoke

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how to blow smoke

This is taught in GM 101.

1. to get players you like who you have rated above you to drop,
2. to trick teams drafting below you into thinking you want their player so maybe they'll trade up
3. to develop a rep for being straightforward and not blowing smoke

1. Never praise a player you have rated above you in the draft, unless you are positive that player will not drop in which case praise them profusely (for goal 3).
2. If you have to comment on a player you have rated above you who you hope might drop, give a back-handed compliment that opens some questions (e.g. Walsh was asked about Rubio, and he kind of dismissively said he's a good player and they like him, but there are other PGs on his level)
3. Praise and seem interested in all the players you have rated below your spot; if they rise, someone else you like will drop
4. Save your strongest praise for the player you rate at exactly your spot. That way if they are picked ahead of you, someone you like better has dropped, but if noone has dropped and you end up picking them, you get points for being straightforward from the start.

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This is worthy of an Orson ovation!

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