The Houston Rockets' Fool Proof Plan!!!!!

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The Houston Rockets' Fool Proof Plan!!!!!

After the lotto, I read Houston wanted to move up in the draft. I thought of a perfect way to move up AND get Chris Bosh. Here are the two trades

Trade #1: Philadelphia and Houston

Philadelphia receives 14th pick, Chase Budinger, Shane Battier and Luis Scola
Houston receives 2nd pick and Elton Brand

Why Do This: Of Course, Houston could present something Philly could never have though- Someone who could take Elton Brand's monster contract. Philly will also be getting 3 players who could help the team plus a lotto pick. Houston would be getting EB (who I found out averaged 6 points less vs East teams in his career) and the 2nd pick.

Houston would take Evan Turner.

Trade #2: Houston and Toronto

Houston receives Chris Bosh, Antonie Wright and a 2nd round pick (2011)
Toronto receives Trevor Ariza, David Andersen and Jared Jefferies

Why do this: Toronto could use some toughness. Ariza and Jefferies could help that. Toronto could also use that 13th pick to find some big men depth. Chris Anderson could also be a player who could come off the bench. Houston gets Bosh, 2nd rounder.

Houston could have:

Brooks- Martin- Turner- Bosh- Yao

What do you think?

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Chris Anderson is on Denver,

Chris Anderson is on Denver, you must mean David Anderson. Why would Houston take on Brand big contract and put him on the bench and unless they know for sure they can get Bosh, that would be a stupid move. There are other place Bosh could go to.

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scola is a free agent and

scola is a free agent and cannot be traded prior to the draft

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None of the salaries really

None of the salaries really match up...

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I dont like it for Houston.

I dont like it for Houston. If they want Bosh, thats fine but leave Brand alone.

Trade for Bosh like this:

Houston- Bosh
Toronto- Battier, Budinger and 14th pick.

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No way Toronto does that

No way Toronto does that trade, i think they could at least get an Andridge, od Bynum, o r maybe Oden.

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I doubt either of those trades would go through, but especially the 76ers trade. They are building for the future, and would not trade a potential star (most likely Turner, small chance of Wall) for what is basically 3 role players and a mid 1st rounder.

They have been shopping Iggy around for a while, so he may be gone before long, and if he is, the 76ers will be in a full rebuild mode. I almost think they'd be better off eating Brand's salary for the next few years, while piling up more lottery picks in that time span. That way, they will have a solid core of players (Holliday, Turner, top 5 pick in 2011, top 10 in 2012, Thaddeus Young), and will be able to trade Brand's expiring contract for a star player in 2013.

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