Houston Rockets European Scout Had Personal Meeting And Workout With Linos Chrysikopoulos

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Houston Rockets European Scout Had Personal Meeting And Workout With Linos Chrysikopoulos

The European scout of the Houston Rockets had a personal meeting in Thessaloniki with Linos Chrysikopoulos. The scout also watched Chrysikopoulos workout and practice.

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(No subject)

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Offline <--------------------------------------------------------------- video evidence he is playing better competition then nba players.

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He looks really solid,

He looks really solid, definitely worth at LEAST a look in the second round, whenever he decides to come out in the future. Looks like a solid finisher with a decent handle, the competition he was playing all looked bigger physically, so that is a plus sign that he was finishing the way he was. The only thing that was a negative point for me, if you can call it that, is that his jumpshot looks to have a bit of a low release, though it is still incredibly smooth, it looks like it is quite easily blockable, and against an elite athlete in the nba he might struggle getting clean looks up off the dribble, though he is still quite young so he certainly has time to fix/alter that. Very solid prospect, kudos to you EuroBaller.

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Don't worry, EuroBaller

I arranged it myself so you would shut up

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Well there was a plan that backfired!

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Where did they have lunch... and did they use the crappy euro ball for the workout?

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this is getting old, I love euro ball, but this multi account freak is stupid!

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