Houston Rockets

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Houston Rockets

They match up well with everyone, can shoot you out the gym at times like the Warriors (Who might be the most slept on PO team in the West and I feel have a legit shot at the WCF might pull off an upset vs. the THUNDER IN RD. 1)

I think the Rockets after the THUNDER (1st) and SPURS (2nd) have the 3rd best odds to get to the FINALS. Yes even better than the CLIPPERS. My reason? James Harden.

I still feel the Clippers lack a CLOSER and I'm not convinced BLAKE, J CROSSOVER or CP3 are one. I have yet to see any of them - down 5 pts. under 2 minutes - take over the game and will their team to victory. In the PO you need players like that and HARDEN can do that.

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