Houston moving into the draft

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Houston moving into the draft

I keep hearing Houston is looking to move into the draft somewhere. A article I just read compared them to window shoppers at a garage sale - just waiting around for a deal they can't refuse. It looks like they're hoping to just buy a pick(s) from a cash-strapped club, not move a player.

I figure Thabeet would be an obvious target, but not really sure anyone that high is gonna part with him for just cash. Maybe Memphis for Scola or Landry, a future 2nd rounder & cash, but that's about the only thing I could come up with on that front.

Another (more likely) thought is that they might be targetting a SG like Henderson, Budinger or Ellington. I could see Houston as a good home for the right SG & a pick in the late teens, early 20's might net them one of those guys & that is a pick I could see them getting for just cash.

Any other thoughts as to which picks they might be targetting and/or which players are on their radar?

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Rockets have very little to offer

Unless they want to give up Brooks, or Yao what team wants Scola for the 2nd pick. They can probably get a top 10 pick and a future 1 lottery protected pick for the 2nd pick. Scola would help a team like the Magic or Cavs for a finals push but he won't do much for the Grizz. Rockets definately need a shooting guard & would make more sense to buy a pick then give up assets they need.

Hard to win when your 2 best players are usually hurt.

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if they do enter the draft,

if they do enter the draft, i could definitely see them going for an sg to replace mcgrady in the near future. could definitely see henderson playing for houston.

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