Houston moves

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Houston moves

the obvious big move for Houston was to acquire Chris Paul but almost as impressive is what they have done after that. PJ Tucker, Mbah a Moute and trail black will ensure that either 1-when they need to rest their starters, there bench may not score a lot of points but will defend and certainly not get blown out, or 2 - when harden, who lets face it plays zero defence, is on the floor they have some stoppers that can play solid help defence to cover when hardens man blows by him. Really solid moves by the rockets!

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Agreed ... after the CP3

Agreed ... after the CP3 signing everyone was saying Houston didn't have another dime, and it looked like they were going into the season with basically seven NBA-level players, but somehow they managed to add the above-mentioned guys. And they still have all those scrubs on waivable contracts, which adds up to like $7 million in salary that they could trade for something.

When you think about it, a lineup of CP3-Tucker-Ariza-Mbah a Moute-Capela would be absolute hell to score against, and could maybe hold its own on offense for stretches, just with Paul-Capela pick & rolls and the other guys behind the arc.

I still have doubts about a CP3-Harden backcourt, but the biggest doubt was that it left the team with no depth, and that has been resolved. Really brilliant mangement by the Rockets.

I feel strongly, though, that trading for Melo would screw it all up -- unless they can somehow manage to straight up trade Melo for Ryan Anderson and those scrubs -- and convince Melo to settle for about 10-12 shots per game, mostly from 3.

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